What do demons eat?

Im writin a book about demons a I need 2 know what do demons eat ???^ ^

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lmao jimahl
ifeelcrazy, been watching Devil May Cry?(epic anime)

Anything you want
Demons can eat anything from human souls, drink blood, eat goats, chickens, farm animals, to humans, to human food
Look into demonaligy, look into some demons at the library or/and on the web. Be creative.

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the ghostly human formed and powerful ones mostly eat feelings and forces eg misery happiness memorys life force

while the monster one eat pretty much anyhting
eg people blood guts animals and kidney pie! that is a well know fav food for demons

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I think theyd enjoy steak and kidney pie, mash and loads of veg

What of those is worse eating pork or drinking alcohol?
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They eat McDonalds

Why do Most Bosnians not eat pork?

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Pizza and the drink beer. :) And they have a sense of humor.

Do ghosts eat or hide people food?
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Devils food cake of course...

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I think the correct answer is 'anything it f***ing wants.'

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Pile of vomit blended with blood and saliva!

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McDonalds then ai johnathan...

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they arent real so technically they feed off whatever you want

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They prey on your happiness,memories from your past that you cherish,and mainly your fears.

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souls? happiness? good memories?

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