Why do people hate emo kids so much?

why do people hate them so much ? is it because they dont care what people think or them and others are jelious and wish that they did`nt care what people think of them too? what is it that makes people hate them so much ?

Answer #1

well I hate them becuasei get classed as one when I am not, thats why most people hate them, and also alsmot ever female emo I know is up themselves and self obsessed… thats why

Answer #2

I personally have nothing aginst emo’s but I have a feeling I know why they arnt liked. one is because they are differant. people these days dont like differant. two, they are under the impression that emos are bi/gay/lesbian. and why is that so bad? because people who arnt striaght are differant. are you feelin me?

Answer #3

jealous of us X(

Answer #4

I get you- I use to be emo but now I’m not very big on the whole black thing- I still party hard, wish I could disappear and listen to some frickin awesome bands

Answer #5

why hate??! I dont hate anyone except people I know and are truely rude(not saying names) emo kids are EMOtional see not all emos cut themselves! most tho

Answer #6

people hate emo’s because…the yare stereotypical bastards who can’t understand some things in this world

Answer #7

it honestly stupid as hll to hate emos!!! they are just people dont be efing retarted guys!
There is no reason to hate them! unless its because they are a total bi
ch which souds like suma you guys are dont be haterz its stupid

Answer #8

They hate us because we are different. They hate us because we do not chose to convert ourselves to be like them and because we may not be into the same things as them. They hate us for being who we are.

Answer #9

now tell me..whats wrong with emos? their people too, they are just..emotionaly disturbed. they are just like you and me, but more sensitive and inflict pain. what wrong with that?

Answer #10

I sound like a broken record but seroisly no one understands, I always get made fun of but really I dont care, thats what iam suposed to say, but its really true and people dont have to understand just leve me alone. I am not afraid to stand up for myself or other emo kids. I DONT feel sorry for who iam. No one has to like me ,just leave me alone

Answer #11

They bring it upon themselves most of the time.

Answer #12

Because most of them are poseurs.

I’m fine with kicking it with the real emo kids, because they can be pretty dank. But most of them are hot-topic-shopping mall goths. You rarely see a real one that can really talk about their history and know what it really is.

But screw labels. Why don’t we all go to a show and throwdown?

Answer #13

People hate emo kids because it’s cool to hate emo kids.

And Red Rose Mafia, if you are being called emo, why hate emo kids, and not the people calling you emo? Doesn’t make much sense to me…

Answer #14

I really dont know… Maybe its because people dont understand them or its because thyre different and people dont like it or maybe its something like that. But I personally dont know. and people have insulted me because I label myself as one. and what if I want to label myself? Its my life and if I want to be one then its my choice and people had to respect peoples choices in life.

Answer #15

they are f*ckin retards cause they just don’t understand us or something they think we’re aliens or somethin

Answer #16

its because all other stupid people arejealous of us emos!

Answer #17

Haha, you wana know why? Okay, when did you think of becoming emo? Haha like recently, there’s a reason, many do it for attention, girls, to be “cool”,”different”.lol Look at your self, you look like a girl, tight female pants, horrible band shirts, a fcking shitty attitude. That’s why you get no respect, you don’t talk to know one, if we talk to you you act like were a disease hahaha I damn well know you don’t feel comftorble walking around looking like an art fag, you probly try to avoid metalheads and gangsters, cause us headbangers and gangsters are down! Well only true gangsters not those hater pretty boy fools, so be proud of your fcked ip world that you call life, when your old your going to regret, so you shoud change before its too late especially if your just 13, your probly just confused, so its good, but if your 16 and older, shema a**holes.

Answer #18

I don’t know why people hate emos! my best friends are emo. I thought it was a genre of music. I have no problem w/ emo people. im labled as emo but I no im not. I think people just hate emo people because they are diffrent and because they dont care what people say about them. I dont care about the cutting thing. I have a couple of friends that have done it, but its not good, but people that have really bad problems might not be able to help themselves. emo are cool watever and e 1 says. and emos arent just gay/bi/lez people. thats just something people say for another reason to hate them and sometimes they get calld emo when ther goth and theres nothing rong with either types. lables are retarded and e way.

Answer #19

The last 2 comments p**s me off. They should just leave us alone. I dont see why people cant just leave us alone. Its probly because the cant take are ways because ther scared.

Answer #20

haha I totally agree with downassnikeshomie emos looks gay, their music is gay, their lifestyle is gay and as for being different well in my opinion every damn emo looks the same

Answer #21

well I dont see a reason to hate emo pple. pple probly dislike emo pple because of there emotions sometimes. like depression mostly. they get sooo depressed that they just want to cut themselves or somin. pple dont like that. also the hair maybe. they like hair that cover there face. there just hiding that gorgeous face of theres. lol and parents dont want there kids to look like hookers. some emo pple wear lots of heavy make-up.

Answer #22

I’m an emo kid and I don’t care WHY people hate me for real…but I do thinks it’s because we’re different and don’t really like the preps or jocks or ANY KIND OF SOCIAL SCENE in that matter… personally people can hate all they want they just better not f*cking touch me…I can hurt myself thank you.

Answer #23

I didnt know emo was still a trend?

Answer #24

haha please. what would I be scared of??

Answer #25

isnt emo short for emotional if it is. everyones emotional just some more than others

Answer #26

the main reason is because they are different and some cut there selfs and some people just think thats offensive

Answer #27

I dont see why people have problems with them I agrre with jolonging they are people ,just like you and me .

Answer #28

One word Steroyotypes =D

Answer #29

“They bring it upon themselves most of the time.”

Really? In what way?

Answer #30

People who hate whole groups of people…need to get a life!!! People only hate emo kids because they apparently have nothing better to do.

and slagathor not all emo kids whine about how sucky their lives are..or cut themselves.. get your facts right.

Answer #31

You guys, why hate anyone?

Really, if someone is black, white, emo, goth, preppy, male, female, whatever…why hate them for it?

I know cool emo kids, I know annoying emo kids. I don’t hate any of them. Hate is wasted emotion, especially when you’re hating someone based on clothing style or music preference.

Answer #32

ikd why people hate emos but it gets old what if people started hatin preps or pucks or w/e it wouldnt feel 2 good would it & JUST BECUSE you CUT URSELF DOES NOT MAKE you EMO! it just means that you cut urself…& you people can go & hate all the emo kids they dont give a f*ck anyways

Answer #33

There is some retarded people who thinks that they’re cool by insulting emos. This world is indeed full of idiots. Even if emos does cut themselves, or they look gay, just let them be you morons, it has nothing to do with you. I’m not emo BTW.

Answer #34

I don’t believe in emos… LOL to me emo is a type of music, not a type of person.

but there is that emo stereotype. and that’s what people hate. =]

kids whining about how sucky their life is and cutting themselves gets annoying after awhile… =]

Answer #35

the guy above me is right!! emos are retards. who cuts themselfs? if they could get their heads out of their asses for 5 minutes they ccould see whats really going on!!!

Answer #36

There are some emo kids that I know and like. But then theres the ones who go bragging about weird things and thats how they bring the hate upon themselves. I should have worded myself differently. I remember when I was in highschool there were a few that would like talk about their scars from cutting themselves and how they loved the pain. And then people would get weirded out by it and such. I personally don’t hate emo kids, I may hate some of the things they do. But its their life.

Answer #37

I just hate the kids that say they’re SOO emo. It’s fxcking annoying as hell. Oh, and I hate the ones that complain about how badly their lives suck even if everythings fine. And I know quite a few “emos” that think they’re so good because of being labeled emo by others. They put up a fake front; they don’t act like themselves. Whoever the hell came up with emo as a label needs to be shot.

Answer #38

I dont think people hate emos, I think they like 2 make fun of them because they’re “different”. which im against, why do people label themselves and others? HUMANS ARENT CANS OF SOUP, WE DONT NEED LABELS!!! hahaha that was funny…

but seriously, I think labels are just another way of saying “im better than u” I love people that are friends with all kinds of “groups”, because those people dont judge!

Answer #39

well…its like a little winny kid who complains about life and cries because they don’t understand them…what do you expect..kisses and hugs???..other reasons are because headbangers and goth are confused with emos and most of the hate emos because its STUPID WAY OF ACTING AND BEING “people AROUND THE WORLD IF YOUR GOING TO BE A ROCKER DONT BE A LOOSER EMO”



Answer #40

I think the real question is why do emo people hate emo people…

Answer #41

ok emos are not crap sum are kool but like I don’t know sum peepz dont like them && its f*cked up !!!

Answer #42

they dont understand

Answer #43

hahaha you guys are full of crap

Answer #44

there is nothing wrong with us posers kinda make me angry but I really dont care

Answer #45

F*ck emo!!!

Answer #46

because we cut ourselves and were deppressed I no because I turned emo when my dad died and now my best friend dosent like me jus because I listen 2 mcr and im emo

Answer #47

Why do people hate emo kids? Let us take a look. The vast majority of emo children come from the upper and middle classes. They have never known suffering. They have lived sheltered little lives protected by their parents’ wealth. They have friends and family they could always run to if something “bad” happens. They live in one of the most tolerant societies on the planet. They have unlimited access to more technology than some third world countries. They have never had to, and will never have to, do hard physical labor to earn a living. They are healthy, free from debilitating mental illness, and have no real concept of drug abuse.

Their response to all this? BAWWW my life is so awful nobody understands me my parents hate me because they want me to do chores and I’ll never find love because I refuse to straighten up and act like a real human being! BAWWW!

Guess what. You’ve had it real good.

If you’ve ever known hunger, poverty, hardship, pain, mental illness, addiction, or hard labor, you don’t run around whining about how bad your situation is. You pull yourself up and get on with your life. Some crying little brat that has the world handed to them on a platter is disgusting.

And that is why people hate emo children.

Answer #48

well im emo/scene/trashy just like chavs do but the again chavs are gay! bahhaha

we’re different and unique ! we rock!! lol


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