Why must people hate us emos?

Why do people get good feelings after making fun of a emo kid? Cause I was in walmart hanging out with emos and we got bashed soo much it wasn’t funny. It almost kinda made me want to turn unemo by thats no going to happan. Someone please anwser. I kinda know the reason cause were different and wear different type of cloths. But why do they think there cool and get like a good feeling about beating and bashing us emos?

Answer #1

Here is a good answer. How about ending sterotyping. And stop putting yourself in a “click” or “group” Just be yourself and dress how you want to.

Answer #2

Many people may think that emo people are trying to seek attention. Therefore, they hate emo people. Or maybe, they just love or like to bully people.

Answer #3

I dont know why people would bash on emos. where I go to school, no one does crap against emos. im friends with a lot of them, so I should know. a lot of people think that im emo too, but thats not true. I only dress like them. people call me emo all the time( emo kid, cutter,ect) but I have never been joked on or messed with. the only explination I have is that the people that were messin with you had a bad run in with an emo or group of emos, also known as a coven. haha just kidding.

Answer #4

Because emos are insecure and feel they have to fit into society by wearing different clothes and acting different. Emos think they’re mentally stronger than everybody else just because they’re “different”, and can often be very pompous. But in actual fact, emos are just a group of people who struggle with their own idenities - and henceforth feel the need to fit into a group. It’s annoying how stuck-up they are, and their depression is also irritated. What’s the use of being depressed? What good comes from looking at the world under a shadow?

Answer #5

majority of ther people who are ‘emo” still have no idea what it is and then theres all the idiots that like to make fun of everything emo is a genre of muusic and a style of dress nothing more it has nothing to do with cutting (self harm) or depressions because anyone can get depressed labels and sterotypes play no part in feelings another reason id beacuse d*ckheads (ususally from another sterotype) like to use the word as an isault which is pointless however, th only bad thing about being “emo” is that most of them still think you need to be depressed or cut ehen these things have nothing to do with what “emo” is at all but when you keep hearing sheep talk about the same crap people will eventually beleive it if you can stand up for who you are, dont change

Answer #6

we dont hate emos its just that yall look weird and I think it is stupid what yall do and how yall look

Answer #7

Monichiwa - that was pretty mean and exactly what the user was talking about. There is nothing stupid looking about any of it - everyone has their own personal style and the way they want to dress.

Clothes are a form of expression, and some people are more creative than others. That does not make them stupid or weird, what makes you look stupid - is your judging attitude.

Answer #8

I don’t really understand look take it this way

Why are you an emo ?

answer me this fa mail and than I can find something to tell ya!

I see you emo like isolating from the outside world , like you want to change and be away than if that dont ask why peopl e dont like emo s

cutting and this stuff its totally MAD no way can take that ..

Answer #9

Ah ok, perhaps it’s because they’re all vain, but to be fair, most youth subcultures are very arrogant, me included being a mod.

Answer #10

Emo’s are hated because they’ll shout about how unique and non-comformist they are, when in reality they are the masses nowadays. In the UK, it’s estimated about 60% of teenagers are “emo”. Not very “individual” if you ask me. Very, very few of them have any real reasons to be depressed as they typically come from middle class backgrounds, and therefore have not been subjected to real hardships in life. People don’t hate you, they just try and bring you back down to reality.

Answer #11

well I dont mind the dressing (except guys with eyeliners), whats annoying, is when you keep saying that you have such a miserable life and all. like you try to make it a lot more bad than it actually is, and tell everyone how bad your life is, and you end up cutting yourself and getting depressed, or even killing yourself. I mean, other people have even worse problems than you, so you should just be happy and be grateful with the life you have. well, I dont exactly mean EVERY emo person, there are just some, and a few that I know.

just ignore the haters, the more you show that youre annoyed, the more they like it.

Answer #12

I dont know… they are just haters!

Answer #13

I’d say ohsarah hit it spot on the nose. I don’t hate emo people, but I really can’t stand them sometimes. They claim or try to give the impression of “originality” by following and copying other emos, and becoming wh*res of corporate and social pressures in the process (two things I thought the emo culture was supposed to defy). Same goes for the scene people, which I would say are a violent and less candyass offshoot of emo. A very large portion of my friends magically turned emo one by one back in 2005 and 2006, I would almost compare it to a plague/epidemic. It seems that emos are disliked because they have, in general, proven to be at least as superficial as other cliques while remaining blind to their hypocrisy and sheeple mentality. Not to mention the whinyness and insufferably self-obsessed attitude. Also, I have noticed most of my emo friends suddenly starting to wear Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch clothing… I don’t mean to be judgemental, but what the hell?!

Answer #14

SRSLY this EMO BASHING SHITT is getting on my LAST NERV! they haz videos on youtube that show EMO bashing…I F’n HATE It!!! my dad hates scenes and so called emos so every day he shows me the emo bashing vids… b/c he thnks if he shows me how people get picked on 4 being “emo” then sumhow ill change… and here is somthin I can say that can help umm dont blend in with the croud thts what I did and I got less nasty coments

Answer #15

YEA same thng with us “scene”—god I hate lables but yeah! and NO its NOT b/c we are INSECURE because most of us Arnt its just the INSECURE ones give us a BAD NAME hey do what I did I LEARNED how to FIGHT I now know JUJITSU, TAI Kwan Do, too so whe someone does try ta bash meh I just end up bashin them if enof +emo’s” and “scene’s” do what I do we will be the ones BASHING their FACES IN!

and um… why were you hangin owt @ walmart??? :D

Answer #16

Why does every emo kid think the world is out to get them and everyone hates them. It’s rather annoying.

If people “hate” you, which I doubt. You are either doing something to make them hate you or you are misunderstanging or assuming that they do. People don’t hate emo kids, they hate when they hear people whining about people hating them, when kids talk about cutting and being depressed all the time when they have nothing in the world to to be depressed about, or when they think they are better than everyone because they are “emo”

Answer #17

its stupid the very first answer is stupid do you even know what its like to be hurt,abused,abandoned??? no… so why hate on us emos…I HATE labelers to and all and I am an emo… maybe we’re depressed because we hurt or just hate being abused or being ignored or being alone no one gets us well some people do I have lots of emo friends and we’re not always sad we like happy at first then sad then happy again so people that are hating stop because you dont know what its like even though you think teaseing them is fun think first “how is it like to be hurt,abused,abandoned??” once you know what its like you would regrett teaseing them in the first place so cheya…

Answer #18

because were better than them and they hate it

Answer #19

Over here in England the whole emo/scene thing is well over. I used to be an “emo” myself for a few months when it was still cool.

To be honest, I detest the trend. Being emo is not about cutting or being depressed at all, it is more a style of clothing and music. The thing that annoys me the most about scenes/emos is how you all like to think that you’re oh-so-original but you’re all original in the same way. There is absolutely no sense of identity in the trend.

And like the other people have been saying, the attitude. The way you think that you’re a different class to the rest of us cause you wear a pair of skinny jeans and like My Chemical Romance. It is pathetic.

Ah, yeah and also the music that you listen to is more corporate than some of the more mainstream artists you spend most of the time whining about. They are manufactured purely because they know that little twerps who wear too much eyeliner will buy into them.

Grow up.

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