Why does everybody hate emo and scene kids?

Why does everybody hate emo and scene kids?? Why im half emo half scene and here to defend my pplz You why do you have to make up hate emo day to beat up the emos on 6-6 huh Its so f*cking mean probaly people make fun of us is Because they want to be like us but they dont no how Why cant we all just be frendz We are normal people we dont Cut ourselves we dont write suicide notes its just our emotional hardcore music and are awesome style of hair make up and clothes Im here for the emos and scenes so if you have some thing to say Say it to me!!!

Answer #1

haha go and try dloodloo but what makes you think im a metalhead im not stupid enough to comform to any stereotype stop getting so bloody stressed out by the fact everyone gets p*ssed off by emo and scene kids. you bring it on yourselves.

Answer #2

:( I don’t know. Not ALL “emo scene” kids lable themselves. not ALL “emo scene” kids judge others. not ALL “emo scene” kids are loud and obnoxious. Some are so nice, and caring, and trustworthy, and everything. I have a friend who is labled “emo, scene, gay, whatever” and the other day at the ice skating place this little kid fell on the rink and was crying and couldn’t get up and people were just passing him as if he wasnt even there and he went up and helped the little kid back to the edge and everything. I hate when people blame the entire stereotype when they’re not all like that..it gets on my nerves cause they don’t even give the nice ones a chance..

Answer #3

Okay I cant beleive you gys are actually arguing over this!!! Im not emo and im not scene im just me!! NEways. . .no matter what you do or what you say people are always gonna hate on people so GET OVER IT!!! and quit arguing via internet its stupid and childish. . .and this is coming from a 14 yr old. thats sad. really sad.Mkay I stated my comment so bye!

Answer #4

all these stupid stereotypes are just teenagers trying to find their place in life and be “unique” but the truth is, only your personality can make you unique, not your style or what type of music you like. If you’re a “scene” girl who dresses up “scene” you’re not unique because they definitely made more than one of the outfits you wear, and someone somewhere has the exact same thing thinking THEY’RE unique. Hell, even if you wear a garbage bag to try and be “unique” there’s some hobo out there copying your every move.

Answer #5

im scene, but im not like the stereotype. I usually am actually attracted to the normal guys, and I dont act stuck up I just dress scene but some people still hate me for no reason

Answer #6

First off this site (Fun Advice) is for anybody OVER 13. No one younger.

Second not everybody hates emo or scene kids. Personally I could care less what you are I don’t know you so how could I hate you? And the reason that “other” kids hate you in school is probably because you’re different from them, just like they are different from you. How many times in school do you guys make fun of the “nerds”? It’s the same thing…someone to pick on. Relax, not everybody hates emo or scene kids. But some people do not like the “attitude” that some emo and scene kids have.

So, be yourself and don’t worry about what other people think.

Answer #7

omg haha well said informer I just had to visit one more time its quite entertaining actually happy emo sad emo depressed emo hardcore emo gay emo what the f*ck? how many different kinds of emo is there and cupcake5 you just contradicted urself. well done

Answer #8

Emo/scene kids hate on other stereotypes just as much as they get hated on - I remember in class all the emo’s did was complain about preps, jocks. etc.

Answer #9

because emo and scene kids suck. ‘awesome’ isn’t the word I’d use to describe unwashed unnaturally colored hair that looks like you got bubble gum stuck in it so badly that your mom had to cut out little pieces leaving a pathetic rag of ugliness. another thing; being a music junkie- what I’m sure you’re defining as ‘emotive’ music is not the actual thing. it’s generally soft-core acoustic stuff. not the dreadful screaming ‘I hate my life’ sort of mood that you’re thinking of. bottom line; these emo/scene kids aren’t them selfs cause they follow the crowd completely. so much for being ‘nonconforming’.

Answer #10

gawrshh people. harsh muchh? scene doesnt really exist. I think that people wear what they like cause they like it. I mean suree. there are always the people who dont like themselves and label people and try to be just like the label cause they think they will get friends for being “cool” but really. think about it. people just wear what they like cause they like it. not to be “scene” its really all about expressing themselves. and people who dont like that are just jealous that the “scene kids” arent afraid to be themselves.

Answer #11

seriously what the hell? emo kids being loved by people, LMFAO its called a scene cause its POPULAR and POPULAR things are CHEAP and FAKE bubbly personality??? you sound like one of those japanese role players… happy emo? what? huh? since when were EMO happy? I thought emo was supposed to be unhappy? so that would mean you are a poser, and bad liar, kid get your head straight before you go in an all anger war against INTELLIGENT people… YES we ARE smarter than YOU.

Answer #12

I don’t hate them I’m seriously thinking about beingg a scene I thing they rock I used to be a prep but I’ve changedd a whole lot I hate when pppl hate on emo’s and scene it just doesn’t make sense god wtf it’s dumb.I think the reason they make fun of them is because they don’t like the way we dress and how we talk and how they think we’re all depressed thaat seems to really be a gossipp segment god why do people make fun of them I truly dont get it !!!

Answer #13

for your information lady im 13 what are you 20 gosh this site is for 12-16

Answer #14

u guys are still stereotyping a bith harshley. not all scne kids hate on others. most of them are nice. btw there honestly isnt such thing as emo. its a music genre.

Answer #15

nobody hates me at school every1 lovesme I mean emo scene kidsin public you get it I just want it to stop thats all

Answer #16

totally agree with cupcake5 I just want to know why people hate them?? I mean emo scene guys are like the hottest guys in the world LOL yea but still I like emos and scenes people say I am one I dont label my self I told my friend to type the question shes a dumbasss LOL she wrote all that dtuff I was all like what the f*ck???

Answer #17

oh my umm beacuse they label themselves? because they are fake? because they hate on other stereotypes? because they look gay? because they generally dont mix with anyone else other than emo/scene kids becasuse they think they are the sh!t hey I could go on oh yeah btw emo and scene guys are not cute they look queer open your mind to other guys out there

Answer #18

emo scene people hate other people because other people hated them first so get it straight besides emo / scene guys are the hottest guys in the world!!! SERIOUSLY they are sooo cute

Answer #19

umm… emo is a genre.. people started labeling themselves for.. a stupid reason? stick to urself, your style, occupy urself in being YOU.. no imitations pleeze! :D by the way … emo kidz arent always suppose to be sad all the time.. lmfao.. you guys are soo.. okay lets just say this.. ya’ll need to just shut up and stop labeling and critizing.. we’re not meant to be in this world to all LOOK alike or TO BE liked.

:) wit luv, belle

Answer #20

im scene…and I hate it because people stare at me and laugh in the halls at school,,,but I dont really care and I get over it quickly…and I like being unique and showing my style…and I think its really cute

and all you people out there making fun of us go get a life losers…and theres nothing wrong with labels…some people dont fit in so they join a group and label themselves that, just back off…and we dont really care what you think so go away

Answer #21

Half emo & half scene…thats funny :) How confusing life must be

Answer #22

well…ilovemetal23 do you want me to tell you wats wrong with crazy metal heads!!!

Answer #23

Pulling out the ol’ ‘…they did it first’ lol, did you have to make your age so obvious…

Answer #24

Amen to stephanie :P

Answer #25

what the fukking hell happy emos means people who loook LOOOK emo but are happy what the f*ck dont be tellin me your smarter than me fukkass bicht!

Answer #26

ill tell you wats wrong with crazy metal heads!!! nothing they ROCK!!! LOL!!! well there I told you what I think ofmetalheads happy now ilovemetal23

Answer #27

Oh I got to jump into the scene just because this question has a lot of answers lol but first of I know what emo is what is this scene thing someone explain that to me… and regardless people shouldnt hate on another becuase of who they want to be thats on them, not defendin not taking sides thats just how I see it… also the whole fighting on the computer thing is a lil stupid to but entertaining I guess lol

Answer #28

I really hate people with no life who think its fun to try and put down people JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR FASHION OR STYLE. seriously. get a life, people

Answer #29

HAHAHAHAHA FOB isn’t heavy metal, neither is mcr, they’re both f@ggoty pop/punk music let me give you some examples of heavy metal

  1. Slipknot
  2. Trivium
  3. Slayer
  4. Megadeth
  5. Metallica (need I go on?)
Answer #30

Because emo and scene kids are posers and attention seekers and the way I see it, traitors to the human race, they give people that really do have depression a bad rep.

Answer #31

STFU. WTF does half scene half emo mean. you fcking cut yourself with one and on one arm and angrily masterbate to your myspace pictures on the other. FCKING POSER.

Answer #32

Emos are labeling themselves. They sya that they are “different”. How can you be different if you’re following a very popular fad? And “Emo” is a style of music. And no, MCR and FOB are not emo. They are pop-rock and heavy-metal.

Answer #33

Half emo, half scene…interesting way of saying it. I’m from Oklahoma, and I rarely see or meet a person that laughs or taunts ‘scene’ kids. I think you’re just looking for someone to hate you, looking for someone to rant about on Myspace just to make yourself look cool. Look, I’m not bashin the so called ‘scene’ kids but honestly, get off the computer and get a life.

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