What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life? I guess it's different for each individual but ever response has its own validitys.

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I believe it's to help others, praise, and seek God's will (plan) for our life.

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live life as you want to without worring about the maening of things as long as you live a good life there is no reason to worry

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to live free.

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I just learned my purpose a couple of months ago; it's to step outside of my shell and help others that are suffering. it actually come in handy this day in time; so many people sufering, I only wish I could help them all.

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There is no grand, over-arching meaning or purpose behind life. Life is what you make of it, and the stuff that happens to you. That doesn't devalue it in any way...it's still something to continue doing, and enjoy, if you can.

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Everyone was put here for a reason, you just have to figure that reason out. Some people know when they are really young, some it takes a life time. We all have a purpose though so hopefully someday you'll realize yours. :)

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I don't know.

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great answer.. Dawn... :)

Our lives are made complete, when Jesus becomes our Lord and Savior, we are incomplete, without him, and that is why we feel empty and alone in life, because we are, he put within us a desire to be whole, and that is accomplished thru him.

When we seek him, he is found of us. and when we find him. we are complete.

He is the missing link.

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The Bible says we were created, because GOD made the earth a beautiful garden, full of animals and fish, and birds of all kind, but it seemed empty. So he wanted a companionable human, made in HIS image, to talk to , and to have watch over and care for his earth and animals. So He made Adam. Adam did great naming the animals and all, but seemed lonely and incomplete, so he made Eve to fulfll Adam's life. They only knew good, they were built and the earth was built , for them not to die, or get sick. Then the devil offered the humans more knowledge...to know good PLUS evil, to be more like GOD . Dummies took the offer, and Eden was over.

Now we have evil to contend with , we get sick and die, we have trouble of every kind, and have to work for our bread and shelter. Plus the devil and his demons roam the earth looking for whom they can devour...or trick into damaging themselves. That's how we are now born into a rough world. But this exhistance is like a video game... It's only one level. If we do well, and learn , and grow , while we're here, and we accept "Jesus" the key to the next level. We don't really die. We move on to another exhistance (level) that is bigger and better in ways we can't imagine.

LIfe is a game, play to win. No matter how many coins you accumulate, you don't win, if you don't live to get to the next level that is far better !!! Also, don't take life too seriously , none of us are getting out alive. But there is life after death, for those "adopted into the family of GOD". We are just travelers here..this is not our home.

Before we were born, GOD knew us and we lived with HIM. We chose the lives we live... So, be happy, work hard, learn, and be good to others. Study to show yourself worthy. Try to stay in contact with GOD, thru the Holy Spirit (like a radio station, you can be on the right wave length or not) ...and be open to HIS guidence. Jesus is the way, the light, and the guide. Sorta like the thing in a video game, you need to win, or combine with, to stay alive and go play on the next level. GOD said "be fruitful, and multiply, and take care of the earth and my animals, follow my laws" ...Jesus said "do unto others, as you would have others do unto you". So that's our purpose, and the meaning of this life.

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