What is the best way to handle this teacher?

What is the best way to handle this super mean teacher? Should I go see the principal or tell my mom or talk to the teacher directly? She is constantly disturbing my schoolwork by being horribly rude and unfair, but I really want to succeed in her class, despite her mean attitude. Here are some examples of what she does…She glares at me in class and when I ask a question, she says, ‘What?!’ in a super mean way! I am scared to talk in her class, yet sometimes I have questions my friends can’t answer but I am afraid to talk to her. Also, she thinks I tell her how to do her job. She once asked after a test for suggestions on how to get over-all better grades. I raised my hand and suggested we cover all of the material before the test and not just the most recent material. She yelled and embarrassed me in front of my entire class and sent me to the hall. Another time, she made a specific point to state that presentations on revolutionaries would be made first thing the next day. I came to class but forgot my outline for the presentation, so I asked if I could go get it. She asked me why I needed it then and I said because I thought we were doing it first thing. She answered by saying (still loudly in front of the whole class) it’s not the first time you’ve thought wrong, and once again, I know how to do my job so stop telling me what to do! Another time, I left a piece of paper in the room where the morning faculty meetings are held. I walked in quickly to grab it before the meeting started and noticed all of the faculty saw me. That day in class, my teacher once again said in front of my entire class, ‘Wow, I’m surprised you have decided to join the faculty since you are so keen to tell me how to do my job, yet you are always wrong!’ First of all, I have proved her wrong many times!!! This makes me so mad and I don’t know how to deal with her for the rest of the year! What should I do?

Answer #1

If you think it’s a students job to ‘prove the teacher wrong’ - you’re mistaken - you just might not know it all - there’s a reason they are in that position and you’re not - I’d work on figuring that out and learn ‘how to show respect’ - none of us are perfect…Good luck !!

Answer #2

Just because someone’s a teacher doesn’t mean they’re smart, respectable even, and definitely not better than you.

My 6th grade teacher told us no life can exist outside of Earth because there’s no oxygen or water anywhere else but Earth, and everything needs water and oxygen to survive. Even then my friend and I knew that was completely stupid, but when we raised our hands and politely tried to point out valid reasons as to why that doesn’t make sense, we were naturally shut down.

But naturally, she’s older than you, and she’s a teacher, so everyone’s automatically going to assume you’re wrong and she’s right. Frankly, I don’t think telling anyone is going to any good, because whether they pretend to or not, I sincerely doubt anyone will do anything about it.

Answer #3

That day in class, my teacher once again said in front of my entire class, ‘Wow, I’m surprised you have decided to join the faculty since you are so keen to tell me how to do my job, yet you are always wrong!’

Sounds like you have embarrassed/humiliated this teacher in public (without realizing it, I hope) just as frequently.

First of all, I have proved her wrong many times!!!

Self-righteous much? I do have a couple students who like to think they’ve “proven [me] wrong” when the argument ends with me retreating and being the bigger person (me being the teacher and all), but it’s usually not the case. I just stop explaining myself when I realize they’ll never get it.

The point is: evaluate yourself before you want to evaluate someone else. It seems like you’re attending a decent school. You teacher should know what she’s doing. Respect her and realize you’re the student and she’s the teacher, not the other way around.

Answer #4

When things like this happen, all you can do is take it and remember that God sees her doing that. That’s what I tell myself all the time now because it really helps me calm down after something like that happens.

Answer #5

this week in gym I was playing hockey and got check in the face and I started to bleed in my mouth and on my lip I walk near my teacher and he dident even ask if I wanted to go clean it up so I ask him if I could go to the nurses office and he refuse to give me medical attention so I told my pricable and he said he would talk to him and know I dont know whats going to happen so all I got to say is talk to a higher level like a police officer or the school distric

Answer #6

go to your giudence counsiler if your school has one…I really suggest you talk to your princibal 2!

I wish you the best of luck

are you in high school? or junior

Answer #7

Just saying, I don’t think it is my job to prove her wrong, but teachers aren’t perfect either! I hardly even talk during her class, and if I didn’t respect her, I probably would be suspended. Its not a matter of me respecting her, its the fact that she doesn’t respect me!!! She is rude to me for not reason whatsoever, and yes, I know I do not know it all or I would not have to even take her class!!!

Answer #8

I think you could talk to your mom about it. You’re not asking her to fix the problem, but you will benefit from having a chat about it and she may have some advice for you.

It sounds like this is a teacher who’s having problems relating to you appropriately, but the people who point out that you’ve not always been appropriate are right too. Still, nobody’s perfect. You do need to treat her with respect, even if you think she doesn’t deserve it, partly because things are going to get worse for you if you don’t. She’ll never begin to relax with you if she thinks you’re trying to get back at her - just for your own good, I really advise you stop trying to prove yourself right and her wrong.

That said, it’s absolutely true that teachers can get things wrong and can be extremely stubborn and unfair about admitting it. You have the challenge of being more mature than her, which is a bit unfair, I realise. Don’t fight her at her level, instead, be ‘bigger’ than her, and forgive or forget where she can’t. Maybe she’ll learn something from you that way.

This may sound mad but I always pray for people who are bugging me like this. (Not praying for them to see things my way, just praying for blessings on their work, their family etc.) I reccomend it - either they improve or I do!

Answer #9

I had a sluttish mean horrible no butt teacher recently and you could speak to a guidence counceler but dont tell the priciple the teacher will find out and will act more mean…

Answer #10

I can’t tell you how to take revenge on your teacher. But if you want to really succeed in her class, despite her mean attitude, I would suggest you concentrate more on your studies - You can take help of online self assessment tests through which you can easily dominate in your class rankings.

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Good Luck..


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