What if a cloud fell from the sky?

I’m curious what you guys would do if suddenly you saw a cloud floating down from the sky. Like a ball of cotton, what exactly would come to your mind, better yet what would you do?

Answer #1

fog is clouds near to earth, the thing is with fog is that the density in them causes them to be so heavy that they can’t float up. In which case, if a cloud fell the gravitational pull of earth would be so massive that well we would all die from it.

Answer #2

Sleep on it,touch it,make it into something.Make it into earmuffs.Lol!That would be so aswome!!!Hey!Cloud nine!lol!!!

Answer #3

I would suspect an accident and call the Civil Protection Service where I am in Portugal and protect my nose by tying a moist cloth tightly around, and perhaps put on a trench-coat

Answer #4

Just walk in it ya know =/

Answer #5

Sorry but clouds can’t fall from the sky,if it did it would be called fog.

Answer #6

First, fog has nothing to do with how dense the cloud is. Fog is simply a cloud touching the ground. Its ‘’density’’ doesn’t enter into it. If the conditions are present for a cloud to form on the ground, a cloud is as likely to form as it would be if those conditions were present in the atmosphere. So if there are seed particles and water vapor present, you’ll get fog.

Second, clouds are constantly falling, breaking, and reforming. So if you have ever seen a cloud, you’ve seen a falling cloud. The earth’s gravitational pull does not have to be any more massive than it already is.

And third, if you already understand that fog is a cloud, why are you asking the question? If a cloud the size of a car fell to the ground, a volume of air the size of a car would be foggy.

Answer #7

I’d make a dress out of it and walk around semi naked for the rest of my life…I mean come on - who needs clothes when you got natural outerwear? hells yes! plus, fashion would all be one, we would waste less materials. holy crap, we need to market this! :)

Answer #8

Think “Oh no ! Wheres Chicken Little ? ! The sky is falling ! =O “

Answer #9

do chicken little and run around saying the sky is falling (:

Answer #10

Clouds are a little more moist than fog. Once tandum parachuting I got to glide across the surface of a cloud and stick my hand in it. It was an awesome experience.

Answer #11

I would go up next to it and shape it into something, or just simply hold it with the palm of my hand.. gosh, that would be awesome (:

Answer #12

Well I would think that holy crap the sky if falling! And I would probably touch it to see what a cloud actually feels like. lol

Answer #13

I would thouch it then take it to my room and sleep on it :)

Answer #14

I would probably think to myself ‘Gee, its going to be a foggy day.’ I mean…thats all fog really is…

Answer #15

…what do you think fog is? lol

Essentially the same makeup there.

Answer #16

think wtf is happening

Answer #17

id just say ‘what the fok’ and carry on to the pub

Answer #18

I want to follow it, just to touch it… then maybe try to catch it

Answer #19

clouds are fog

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