What foods make your breast grow ?

What foods make your breast grow ?

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…do ANY?

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I got 2 answers. One is putting a hot towel on your breasts and eating lots of greens.

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Listen there is a product called “Vanity” that I found on the internet that helps to build healthy breast tissue. What it is composed of.. is certain herbs that have been found to have compounds and elements within the herbs that actually work on your systems natural hormones to help stimulate an increase in the growth and development of new breast tissue. You may look up similar products online. I would say to Type the words “herbal breast enhancements” or just “herbal breast” in the search box of your computer’s browser and it will explain it all to you there, but unfortunately as for Vanity it has been discontinued for a short period of time. They will be back up and running later in a few or so months though. I do have to say that ‘Vanity’ is GREAT! At least it has been for me! Because … I myself am currently using it. I recently, not to long ago, ordered some, and it really works. Everyday I feel my breast aching like with the achy sort of pain that you have from Growing pains. You know, like when you experience that sort of thing when you’re growing up? So it just feels like “growing pains”. Its not unpleasant or anything, just a mild but persistent echoing achy sensation. Thats the only way I can explain the feeling. But, like I said its not unpleasant in anyway. Matter of fact, I am glad that I have this constant and persistent, & prominent aching, for it shows & reminds me all during the day that its actively growing new breast tissue, which is a very rewarding experience. I am extremely glad that I ordered it. Its the only thing that I know that really works without having to go have unnatural and super expensive breast implants inserted. Now, when I say the ‘ONLY’ thing, I am somewhat talking about the “herbs” in general that have been proven to assist the stimulation of breast growth. Meaning that, there are other brands out there also that have herb combinations for this same purpose, but however, after doing much research into MANY of them, I PERSONALLY was most impressed with what I learned about “Vanity”. So you have a choice as to which ones you can try. But personally I am recommending ‘Vanity’ to you, for I KNOW that the one I am using is producing excellent results! I can’t vouch for the other herbal Breast products out there, but this one is producing wonderful for ME! The only thing is, you will have to wait a few months before being able to order Vanity again. They will be continuing it soon. Other wise you will have to look into some of the other ones offered for now.
Give it a whirl. Try using one of the herbal formulas for breast enhancement. What ya got to lose. And like I say, there are SEVERAL out there to choose from. I bought a six month supply of Vanity. But I don’t believe you can buy that one in the United States any more until a later date, at least a few more months or so… so to help you, I have found a page for you on some other herbal breast enlargement products. Hope this helps you, BEST wishes to you.

#1—http://www.breastactives.com/ #2—http://www.justnaturally.com/ #3—http://www.researchbreastenlargement.info/

and of course there are others too. But this should get you started. God Bless!

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My friend told me one day that chicken does, but I dont know if she was serious or not.

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soul food

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actually, I thought I read somewhere on here once that turkey did the trick…but I don’t know how ture that is.

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I drink 8 oz of pineapple juice, mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey (juice needs to be warmed when mixed), and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinager once a week for my allergies. I came up with this on my own. Since I started this in late November I have gone from a 36C to 38DD. And no it is not from gaining weight anywhere else. I had a bad allergic reaction to cinnamon and this is how I keep from reacting. You can try it, if you want. Start out with two a day for a week and then one a day for a week. Then down to one a week. Currently I am trying to figure out how to make mine smaller while I am still drinking this for my allergies. I have a drawer full of expensive bras that I can not wear…all too small. I say expensive because it is from VS and it is the only one I can wear out of thousands of bras and not break out. Any advice??? Some side effect from a homemade allergy formula…

Answer #9

well I read somewhere that like noodles and pasta and also bread helps it to, but it takes a lot of time

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supposedly some do but I dunno. I would guess protein and veggies. protein to build tissue and vitamins to keep them healthy. but dont expect just eating good food to make your breasts grow a lot. turns out there’s no really good way to dramatically increase your size. (besides surgery) you can do pushups to increase pectorial muscles but again, that helps a little but its not a miracle…

Answer #11

well I read somewhere that like noodles and pasta and also bread helps it to, but it takes a lot of time

Answer #12

i iwshh i new!! i want my boobs bigger!!!!!

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