What do you think of australia? For americans mostly

Hii people im cath from australia. I was just wondering, to all people not from australia, what you think of australia. Like what are all those things about kangaroo’s and stuff. Apparently you guys think we ride kangaroo’s to school? I dunno thats just what I heard. But yeah I would love to hear more

Answer #1

yeahh australia is good. I never knew that everyone thought of it as such a beautiful place. yeah well I just heard that some people thought that we rode kangaroo’s to school. hahah and I find that hilarious because I have only seen a kangaroo like 6 times in my life.

Answer #2

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter really brought your country into the homes of Americans - my impression - really nice, friendly people - an excellent military ally - beautiful country with all kinds of wildlife - modern cities, so no, I definitely don’t think only kangeroo’s and boomerangs - would love to visit !!…Take care !!

Answer #3

beautiful country, beautiful people

Answer #4

im from australia and I went to new york for a holiday, and I meet some nice kids my age and older and they asked me is it true we ride kanaroos to skwl and that we had dingos as pets. im soo glad that some poeple are kind enof to say how lovely our country isthx soo much

Answer #5

im from europe I spent my summer holiday in sydney

I found aussie the most awesome country I had ever been to

I love your school uniforms and ginger pops people are acutely open and kindhearted to foreigners

I wish I lived there

Answer #6

is it true that you guys have to hunt kangaroos like we have to hunt deers because they don’t really have any natural predators there. So for population control. I ate some kangaroo once… it was pretty good.

but yeah I think it’s a pretty advanced country. It’s warm there when it’s cold here, and your water drains in the other direction.

Answer #7

friendly people reallly nice extremely nice people very helpfull people and very nice to talk to like you cath your such a nice and friendly friend

Answer #8

I think australia is awesome, I would actually love to go there on my honeymoon. I think everything about ti is cool.

Answer #9

No, we don’t think you ride kangaroos to school, although that animal is strongly associated with Australia in the minds of many people.

I’ve never been to Australia, but I do travel quite a bit and I often run into groups of Australians. I”ve really enjoyed these encounters, and Australia is definitely a place I want to visit at some point. I just wish it wasn’t so far away!

Answer #10

I’m American and now live in Australia. Riding kangaroos to school is just a joke they tell to foreigners, I almost believed it too… I enjoy living here in Australia but miss a lot of things back in the states that you don’t have here like Jolly Ranchers and reeses peanut butter cups, you guys miss out on so many good foods but other than that Australia is awesome and very friendly!

Answer #11

I have never been to Australia and I don’t want to. I am terrified off the thought of having to ride a kangaroo and I am also quite happy living with my pet dog, theres no way I want a pet dingo. I do not want to be bitten by any horrible ants or large spiders. I am very happy were I am DRIVING my car to work and having a pet DOG.

Answer #12

I am from Sydney, Australia and it is a great place!! Just to let u no we do not ride kangaroos to school and we dont have them as pets, although if u go to a farm or in or near the country u most probably r sure to find one. We also do not have dingoes for pets. We have beautiful beaches and inland country. To me the Aussie lifestyle is very laid back and relaxed. To me Australia is one the best countries in the world! i love living here!!

Answer #13

No we don’t have to hunt roos for population control, they’re like a prized animal for us although some people do hunt them for food. My cat’s mother (who now lives with my Nan) refuses to eat anything other than roo meat

Answer #14

Haha, i’ve had quite a few Americans ask me about our relationships with kangaroos and i’m like “pfft i dunno, they live in the bush!” But we do have them in wildlife parks for tourists :)

Answer #15

None of that is true. We don’t ride kangaroos, we own dogs, we’re not allowed to own dingos, and our spiders aren’t as popular as you might think, most of the dangerous ones live in the desert or away from people. Also, you forgot about the drop bears. They’re only koalas, they’re not ‘bears’ and they’re cute and cuddly. Your opinion on the country is based on fear and i hope you can get over that :)

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