Americans what do you think of the UK?

I was just wondering if you have been to England (or even if you havent)… what you think of it? e.g the people, the food, the accents, just genral opinions :) I love to know what poeple think :)

Answer #1

I have been to the British Isles.

A few things come to mind…

Tweed, rain, fog, umbrellas, royalty, trench coats, tea, scones, fish and chips, bangers and mash, roundabouts, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sting, Mick Jagger, Queen, Elton John, and the land of Shakespeare! You’ll see a lot of Jaguars, Mini Coopers, and thevery rare red double decker bus in Central London.

Britain is Okay, .But for all Americans, you will find that the Brits are not very warm, receptive, and friendly towards us while visiting their country. So word of caution; keep to yourself, be quiet, do not display your nationality and patriotism. Nevertheless, enjoy taking in the beautiful sights, scenery, landmarks, history and architecture. But I repeat, do not tell anybody that you are American while visiting Europe. It is for your own safety and well being.

The best thing about Britain I do like– they’ve taught us Americans the meaning of history and heritage. Whereas American history goes back roughly 232 years and stretching it maybe 300+ years due to the colonial era, the British Isles are an ancient land which stretches back over 1000 years of colorful history.

Answer #2

Yey people love our accents. XD It’s funny because I love the New York accent. And the Alabama one - that’s so amazing.

Answer #3

I’ve always wanted to go there and yea the accents are hott

Answer #4

I’ve just recently returned from a vacation to the United Kingdom, and I was impressed by just about every facet of my stay. After learning so much about English history and literature, I have been eager to visit the U.K. since I was in grade school… my dream finally came true the summer before my senior year of high school.

In some ways, the U.K. is just like America, and in others, it is extremely different. To be honest, I found the people to be fairly similar to the people here in California - almost everyone I met was friendly, or at least approachable. Technology-wise, Great Britain seemed every bit as modern and westernized as America. There was no great culture shock for me (though I did have a bad case of jet lag I’m still recovering from - eight hours’ time difference…), and the food wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be (excluding the haggis!). It was pretty dependable - some would call it bland - but I liked it. I found the difference in climate refreshing after staying in sweltering Southern Cali in midsummer, and I couldn’t believe it could rain this much in August!

About the accents… I’ve always been a huge fan of English accents. To me, the typical U.S./Canadian accent sounds really flat, but British accents seem to have more dips and variation. To me, the English accent makes women sound more feminine, classy, or feisty than Americans depending on what is said, how it is said, and whether or not sarcasm is utilized. I think I’d be about four times as likely to fall for a man with an English accent than an American… You girls over in Britain are so lucky to be surrounded by them! lol And children with accents sound SO adorable. Personally, I am fonder of the English accent than the Scottish accent, but I do like both. I also favor more proper-sounding English accents over the more screechy, Cockney-sounding ones (sorry if I’ve got the terminology all wrong, but I think you get the picture). Most of the people I’ve discusses these accents with also love British accents.

The architecture is one of the biggest differences I noticed while in the U.K.. Buildings on the West Coast of the U.S. are modern and often widely-spaced, separated by countryside or wide roads or freeways. In the U.K., historic landmarks dating back hundreds of years are common, and roads are narrow. Tudor, Victorian, and Georgian architecture is prevalent, and every inch of space in city buildings seems to be utilized by building second stories, etc. Houses that do not lie in the heart of cities just seem pointier in their overall appearance, largely due to roof shape. Gazing over Californian terrain from a plane, one can see brown mountainous crags and dramatic dips and peaks; but looking out over England, one can see acres and acres of green or golden patchwork swathes of rolling land.

Honestly, I would LOVE to move to England someday… I definitely hope to study abroad there in college, at the very least =)

Answer #5

Well I live in america but my nanna was born and lived in the uk so im english and I love the uk! one day I will go there and visit my long lost family

Answer #6

I am not American, or British… I am from Saudi Arabia, and I’m studying general English course in the UK, in the city of Brighton…

I’m looking for Bachelor degree, and I’m thinking about moving to the US to continue studying there, but I’m confused now…I love the US and the UK…both of them…!!! Someone told me that Americans (would die) to go to the UK…!!!

In the UK I love the British accent, culture, the historical buildings, landmarks, and sometimes it’s easier to travel around Europe.

On the other hand, I love the US because it’s a wide country, and it has big cities, High buildings, more entertaining (I think). I would like to live in LA for example, because I saw it many times in movies and I loved it.

Please, tell me what’s your opinion…I’m really confused…!!!

Answer #7

Unfortunately, I was only 4 when I went to England. I think that the shared culture and all is great. I think there have been many great English singers…Natasha Bedingfield, Leona Lewis, Coldplay…and films…Children of Men, Austin Powers (?). I live in Orlando, and whenever I go to a mall or a touristy place, I hear the British accent everywhere…and I like it. The only problem with England (along with Europe in general) are high prices. It isn’t anything you can help, the high exchange rate and the fact that we don’t hive high sales taxes(VAT/GST…instead everyone pays a tax on their income) is primarily to blame. I also like fish and chips and tea…not that they’re exclusive to England…but anyways.

Answer #8

Hi im from Florida and I went to the united Kingdom,a place called torquay on 17th of october 2006 and I was 15 it was really great nice weather palm trees every were all down roads and peoples gardens I loved the fish and chips (fries) there nice people and il tell you this I loven to be british and live there I think there so lucky and some of the woman there are really hot!!

Answer #9

lmao - I think the exact reverse - I love US! roll on coming over to work!

Answer #10

id rather live there than america. .__. id tell ya that.

Answer #11

I think that england people and their accents are soo hott!!! and british!!

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