Do you think Australia is a Forgoten Continent Or something?

I mean I never hear about australia in the news or anything I mean I didn’t even know that black people lived in australia and the people spoke English there! I just never hear about it! Does anybody feel this way?

Answer #1

LOL gizmojo22. Yes I do not learn about Australia at school,but I love Steve irwin.But its not until my teacher finally showed us a video of Australia that I knew they spoke English. But I’m really willing to learn about australia ! :)

Answer #2

haha no, I just don’t think you’ve really heard a lot because nothing about it concerns you personally people only care about something that applies to themselves most of the time

Answer #3

I think thats pretty poor education to have not known black people lived there and they spoke english. And fair play to them for staying out the news, their economy etc is obviously in a better state than the rest of the worlds.

Answer #4

No… I’ve read and watched a lot about Australia (did you ever watch steve irwin, the crocodile hunter?)

and I dont think they really classify aborigines as black…

Answer #5

well austrailia just isnt that interesting but I do love australia I dont reall think it is “forgotten”

Answer #6

haha! well I live here and were always in the news but thats because we have out own news we also here a lot about the us and ect in out news its a pretty interesting place but the bigger countries dont really have is in the news much mainly because nothing huge like war, hurricanes ect happen famouse people here arnt really famouse enough and those countries have enough going on in there news to be worried about what the smaller countries are doing its a great place through, so much freedom and yes, we speak english and black people live here, just like they can live anywere else if they wanted to

Answer #7

Well first of all, the “black people” are called Aborigines and they were the first ones here before England discovered u. And i agree with standtall12, the reason you don’t hear about us is that it usually has nothing to do with your country :)

Answer #8

Also, Americans aren’t very educated when it comes to different countries

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