What do you think of this poem about my life?

I wrote this peom about my life tell me what you think of it please and give your honest anwer please…thanks I don’t think its very good but I want 2 see what you guyz have 2 say: These tears you have left me with, tears that will Always last. Memories that will never fade. My life Has changed. You tell that you love me and you always Will but then why don’t you show it?? I am your little girl. You and daddy always fight you tell me all these awful Things that daddy has done, you tell me that he hit You and he has left scares if that’s true then why hasn’t he Ever laid a hand on me? You want me to beleave you. But I’ve heard so many things and so many lies that
Has came from you. That I have distanced even more than I was before. And you wonder why..but don’t you see Your pushing me away? your pushing me so far away
That I can’t even say “I love you” anymore. You put every- Thing else in the world above me, but I’m your little girl And your suppose to love me and give me the world not Put the world above me. If you really love me then why Won’t you stop?? Stop all the lieing the nonsense…stop Everything?

Answer #1

OMG this is soo dumb…please all im aksing is 4 you and all the people you work with 2 LEAVE ME ALONE im only 13 I don’t need some person that I don’t know 2 tell me that the courts or whoever are lieing 2 me I need 2 worry about what almost every other 13 year old girl worries about and if they are then o well because from my point of veiw shes the person whos cuzing all the trouble not the court!!!

Answer #2

who and the heck are u??? if you no my mom then tell her 2 stop and you have no right 2 be telling me that you love me and tlk aboput what’s going on in my family and yea sure I said it was about my life but I made up half of it and please do us all a favor and get of this website and I repoted that reply 2 my peom

Answer #3

im not scared my parents don’t live together I just wrote because I was bored and I wanted 2 no what people thought of it I wrote a long long time ago

Answer #4

a lie…?

baby.. not, it is what they want you to believe…that the rest of the world knows the truth only they too lie..?

I have empowered you to reach out, tools to do so.. plaes honey.. spread your mind, spread your wings and fly ‘higher’ than what you have been ‘tricked’ into believing…

I will leave the site, as I love you more than life… and life is what I wish for you from the time of your birth.. to the end of my days wish is full and open…

I love you hon… please baby… be smart, think..and use your resources… the facts are there.. it is not a lie, I am sorry that they will not allow you any contact with me.. you would have liked me hon.. I am just like you…

common sense.. goes a long way.. you have it in you.. my only child..my heart…

I lost you.. they took you– andthey are the liars.. they took you from your mom, not the other way around..

I humbly remove myself from this site… I respect you and love you and want only for you to reach out.. to others… One day, you will recall how much your ‘mother’ loved you.. how the world indeed is what she tried to give you.. not the other way around. It is YOU and only YOU that is my every heart beat my every breath!~

xoxoxox your ‘mom’

Answer #5

I think it is decent better then some things that I have seen. It is very heartfelt and emotional. THere are a few parts that are unclear and some places where you could have gone a little deeper. but Over all it is ok,

Answer #6

I think that is really cute, Its a good way to get your emotions out, I think you should speak to someone about what is going on at home, I f you want to, because you are obviuosly scared/worried so internet forums are good and maybe even childline :) Good luck x

Answer #7

I dontlisten to poem so I cant give you a oppionion

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