Can throwing up become addictive?

I was just wondering because I was reading a book called identical and she made herself puke, and I was wondering b.c. My friend does it and now im kind of woried about her so thanks : )

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What does your friend use to make herself puke? If she uses Syrup of Ipecac--as many do--she must stop NOW. This syrup is a herbal medicine designed for one-time emergency use only. Excessive use causes damage to all the organs in the body and the heart muscles will damaged beyond repair.

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people usually throw up intentionally after eating because they don't want to get fat. it can start as a few times thing and develop to become addictive, and yes it's bad for her no matter what the cause is.
you should have a SERIOUS talk to her abt it.

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by the tway throwing upall the time will destroy your friends health, and this eating disorder can even kill her, so you either need to talk to her, or tell her mum so she can get her some profesional help now before it gets worse

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Another thing people can become addicted to is the endorphin rush it gives you. You know that temporary feeling after throwing up where you feel better, a lot of people like that. They just dont think of the downsides to it, your esophagus gets burned from all the acid your teeth start falling out cause the enamal gets eaten away. It's really not worth it even in the slightest and she really needs to find someone to help her.

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very VERY addictive! one of my best friends keeps telling me that she's doing it again, and it's really making me angry. she won't get help, but she keeps doing it and then complaining that no one cares that she does it. of course, I live completely out of the city now, so I never see her anymore! so I can't do ANYTHING to help.

if your friend is doing this, you need to talk to someone. they're begging for help, and they won't just get better. my friend has been doing it for YEARS. DO SOMETHING NOW.

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its called bulimia
were silly girls throw up there food in an attempt to not gain weight, and to loose weight
also, throwing up can be addictive to other people, some who dont do it because they have eating disorders
like someone might hate the thought of food being inside them
there are lts of other strange reaosns why people can become addicted to it
but bulimia, an eating disorder is the worst

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yesss it can be an addiction that's hard to be set free from trust me I know </3

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