What can I do to slow down my metabolism?

I’m 14 & I weigh about 118 and about 5”8 and really thin. I’m trying to gain weight but my metabolism is like too fast so it’s hard. Are there any pills that can slow it down? Or would exercising and gaining muscle be a faster way to gain weight?

Answer #1

I’m 5’2” and 120lbs. I exercise everyday and eat right..I know I’m not unhealthy, but I’m still not really happy with my body. is it ok if I want to drop a pant size? if so, what should I do to accomplish this???

Answer #2

wow. Well I actuallie thought I was thee onlie chiqkk whooh wanted tooh qain weiqht. I mean yeah people wish tooh beeh skinnie but once youhr skinnie people criticize youh syinq youh miqht beeh anorexic. qets annoyinq. well im 5’1 aqe 16 & weiqht 105. They say my bmi is normal. But I just feel tooh skinnie. sooh people help us out.

Answer #3

I am 21 years old, I’m 5’2 and I weigh 125 lbs. I want to be 135. Some say I’m a decent weight but if your unhappy with yourself go for it. I tried this weight gaining drink and its called Perfect 3000. It works!! I gained 10lbs and It looked healthy and natural.It works best when mixed with milk.

Answer #4

mizwest where did you buy the perfect 3000? im 19 and I’ve always been skinny all my life I was recently at 113 and now I weigh 123 but dont know exactly how I gained that weight im hoping I can reach 130 I need help…

Answer #5

Iam 21 years old, 5’2 and 91 lbs since I was avout 18yrs old…I’m also an athlete and I have gotten most of the advice that was listed above until I finally learnt to accept myself for who I am…I always ask what the world will be like if everyone was perfect or got what they wanted…GOD made me this way for a purpose

Answer #6

ok guys, all I can say is that im 16 and I am 145lbs. I am trying to gain weight. I started off at 110 lbs last year. I have been working out very hard and I can bench my body weight. I have absolutly no exessive fat on my body.

1st. If you wanna gain weight…EAT EVERY 2-3 HOURS.

2nd. Eat AT LEAST YOUR BODYWEIGHT GRAMS OF PROTEIN PER DAY (If you weigh 120..eat 120 grams per day)

3rd. After Each workout, take WEIGH PROTEIN. (its completly natural)

4th. DO NOT OVER TRAIN. Train 3 times per week. (mon. chest and triceps…wed. back and biceps…fri. legs and shoulders)

Answer #7

im 20 6’1 and I weigh 145 lbs. I want to gain weight but everything I try I just keep losing weight. any ideas? if any ideas just email me at TCurly22@aol.com because I wont remember how to get back here. thanks everybody

Answer #8

Exercising,.. is a big way not to slow it down.. I do alot of lifting .. and Even know muscle does weigh more than fat, Anyway thats not going to help slow down your metabolism.. Thats A Natural Thing that happens.. if you want .. “Um.. well i use stuff you can buy at a walgreens or gnc Clinic .. you maybe able to buy it other places.. but its called weay Protien.. and the protien helps build muscle.. but you have to work out i would not recommend it for you everyday.. but def try and use it 2x a week,.. i think there are such pills to slow it down.. but its not good for you.. Hope this helps -Much Love -Ty

Answer #9

one way to slow down your metabolism is starving urself..and you don’t want to do that because want to gain weight. just eat a lot of foods high in protein and carbohydrates. and do not disregard exercise. just don’t do weights yet. your only 14 do weights when your about 17 or 18. cardio exercise, and some push ups will do. its better to gain weight with muscles than with fats.. right??

Answer #10

I thought I was doing bad, but I am 18 nearly 19, I am 6” and 136 lbs if I dont eat I lose weight obviously. anyways I used to weigh 151 lbs back in highschool ever since I’ve been out and got into a really bad car wreck I have lost 18 lbs!!! it really pisses me off, I would love to reach 160 and stay there forever. but I do recommend eating 5-6 times a week and when you lift do heavy weights but few reps, avoid cardio. I have a problem with cardio though because I skateboard and its addicting so im fighting an uphill battle, but listen to everyones advice on here and check with your physician and gym teacher, they can help a lot. good luck friend. —Ryan

Answer #11

i disagree w/ just about everyone!! you do need to work out but not much cardio enough to raise your hart rate !! mostly waights to gain pounds!! im 23 5’10 and 120 lbs i just started training and this is what i have been told also try to eat 3 good meals aday snack in between on things like nuts with good fatty oils !!! the shakes are good to like 870 cal per serving but you are young so take it easy on that stuff try to go to your local gym and talk to a trainer that is the best thing you can do!!!

Answer #12

well in am 5ft7 inches amd I weigh only 130 my friends say that I am ok and look great but I think that I am very skinny whet I put my clothes on it does not look all that great I would at least want to weigh 160-165lbs so am deff going to try some of these stuff thanks yall xxx hopes it works

Answer #13

If u look on the internet at some health supplyers u can get weight gainers with upto 3000 calories in each one a day plus ur usual meals and if u dont put weight on uv probably got a dissorder, iv just been checked for a hyperactive thyroid i suggest u do that too, i did have one so im the shakes and weightlifting, ur too young to worry about it now tho cos u wont stop growing til ur at least 18, im 21 and have just started doing something about it now good luck

Answer #14

Well first of all relax and thank God for the body that you have which some peope would kill for. No one is shaped the same!

Ok and listen to me…NEVER EVER take not working out as advice. You are young and working out is good for every human being.

Protein shakes do slow down the metabolism and can make you put on weight and increase appetite especially at your age.

The most important thing to remember is that confidence is everything! If you aren’t already, try out for volleyball, basketball, soccer, hey even look into modeling.

I am 5’8 and 125lbs and was always picked up by modeling agencies. I played volleyball in middle school and High School and got up to 135 and I was on protein shakes.

Personally I felt big! I didn’t feel skinny when I was at that size b/c’s I was so use to being smaller.

I am happy with my weight now but sports can help you tone up and put on some pounds.

While we don’t have the typical cheerleading body(sorry God didn’t clone his creation!) he did give you a models body. Remember confidence is key!!!

Answer #15

hey pipz? I am also skinny and I also have fast metabolism. I also use much of my time studying lessons during school days. but as I noticed that a couple of years ago, while having my long month vacation from schooling..I started to gain weight - a little..because I’m worry-free from my lessons, I took vitamin with iron, and I have enough time for rest during the day and enough sleep for the night. vitamin intake especially those with iron or even vitamin C,makes you gain your appetite because after an hour or two, you’ll soon be hungry and so you’ll be wanting to eat..again. but’ I’m still skinny ‘til now because it is again school days.. In Jesus Name.. So Help Us God.

Answer #16

I am 31 and have weighed 102-115 all my life. I now have a 2yr old and a 1 yr old, and am 105 at 5’8. I feel horrible. I have customers at work asking my co workers if I have cancer. People are so cruel.The only time I weighed more was when I was drinking alcohol at age 23-28, and I was 126 and looked great, but I wouldnt recommend drinking to put on weight, just finding another source of the extra calories. Now its hard because having kids so young that need constant attention, I dont have time to make myself something to eat other than a bowl of cereal. I have just purchased the Perfect 3000 on Cheapvitamins.com and am waiting for it to be delivered. Anyone have any advice on how often to take it?? I was thinking before bed because even those Ensure drinks fill me up and have to force myself to eat my next meal…

Answer #17

I would say dont try. im 26 and have had the same problem all my life. I weigh 10 stone 2oz and have done since I was 16-17.

if you got a high metabolism your screwed untill you get older and iit slows down by itself. I tried every fat fast diet I could find and nothing worked. the over the counter stuff really is pants and costs a fortune over time.

as for whey protien thet one of the guys above mentioned, well thats gotta be one of the worst ways to try to put on weight. whey protein is for use when training. its to help repair the muscles faster once you have finished your training session. so if your not going to a gym and lifting then there is no use using protein.

also if your lifting weights be sure to use a light weight and do more reps rather than less reps with more weight. I learned the hard way that heavy weights cause tall slim people great problems.

I made the mistake of using heavy weights and my lung collapsed. collapsed lungs are a common occurance in tall slim people (mostly male).

when this happened I recieved some advice from a dietition. to gain weight you do not need to slow down your metabolism. you have to beat it.

eat at every given moment, even if you dont feel hungry. just eat for the sake of it. add grated cheese to soups, and if you drink milk add 3-4 tbsp of dried milk into the mix also. but the main thig you have to do is over eat. if your metabolism is burning too fast then you gotta make it work hard. if you consume more than it can handle then you are guarenteed to gain weight.

the only way which I havent tried but I know would be a dead cert to put on weight would be to use steroids. but who the hell wants to be a water filled bag of anger? not me.

so in conclusion. your screwed unless you eat more and often. if you want to discuss thingw with me you can add me on msn. jonteyg@hotmail.com I can tell you the things I’ve tried and what has worked and what never. and I’ve tried A LOT. hope this helps.

Answer #18

I weigh about 89pounds im onley 19 all my cousins arent fat but weigh about 130 pounds I need to put my a** some weight on what should I do???

Answer #19

Hey, you shouldn’t be complaining, cause i’m 17 years old, and i weigh 75 pounds, how freaking sad is that. I have a fast metabolism too, and i cant gain weigt either. so some peopel are in worse situations then you, like me, i’m a prime example.. so dont feel bad. any advice for me?

Answer #20

I’m 16, around 6’1, and weigh around 155, although I am this height it looks very unhealthy and unnatural, I’m lanky and skinny, I want to get up to at least 170, I’m currently going to the gym been going for a solid month or so and got my arms from 9 to 12, :) but they still looks fairly skinny. I can bench around 135; max only do once. while my older brother weighs 155 and is the same height as me can bench 205; but hes been working out a lot more, and he looks like he weighs a lot more then me, any help?

Answer #21

I’m 20, 5’8 and am 107 pounds…u’ll be fine =)

Answer #22

umm eat a lot of protein bars and dont excercise too much

Answer #23

If I believe so eating high carb diets works like eating bread and starchy foods such as patatoes and pasta foods meat also helps gain wight in females why you think a lot females down south are plus size

Answer #24

if u eat a litle at a tiem that my be ur problem try to eat bigger meals and less tiems a day and c if that helps u

Answer #25

you are really skinny and should be proud so dont gain any weight

Answer #26

I don’t know. what you can do to slo down your met. but im 6’3 and 165 I was 150. I learned from a trainer to eat 6xs a day lots of carbs, good carbs like rice or pasta. brown rice is better for you umm a also take high carb. protein 3xs a day and workout 4-5 times a week it has been good so far you just have to be dedicated. I’ve gained 15lbs in 6 months.

Answer #27

Well, I am 22 years old and 115 pounds - plus very fine boned. my arms are the same width as I was in primary school, and every time I put on 2 or 3 pounds it drops off me again. You know, I read a site on hyperactive thyroid and there are a lot of people undiagnosed with it, you should talk to your doctors thats what I’m gonna do, in the mean time when you feel full try and eat that little bit more, your appetite will eventually grow if you keep doing this. I have got the knowledge it’s just I don’t practice what I preach lol..

Answer #28

Look I was 5’11 at 135 now im at 158, almost 160 just in a few months, the secret is to eat, sleep and exercise well. be dedicated and be true to your self. If you miss a day of working out your only cheating yourself. dont stay up to late because your body develops the most when you sleep. eat a lot of protein in fish and steak. if you want to boost up quickly then I suggest mass XXX (a protein shake). Its possible, just be dedicated and have the desire to be the best in anything you do.

(DO More than the expected! Over 100% tis the unexpected.)

Answer #29

the best way to gain weight is to eat 5-6 times a day, snackin in between on any thing you can get your hands on. if your going to excersice go heavy and less reps, NO CARDIO!! Get urself a protein it take it 2x daily it’s a lil expensive but the payoff is worth it. also you gotta eat a lot of carbs as well and eat when your NOT hungry! Strech your stomach and get everything you can into it!

Answer #30

how do you get a fast metabolsim?? I am really trying hard to lose weight but its not wrkin I found out that if you get a fast metabolism you lose weight please give me sum advice on getting a fast metabolism please!!

Answer #31

Hey alexandria 90 is sorta right. My mother and I both have fast metabolisms, she is 34 and only weighs about 123 pounds an I am 13 and only weigh about 73 pounds but I feel self concious so I tell people 85 or 90, that is a total lie, and I shouldn’t lie. We should feel good about ourselves, but we don’t. We look 4 ways to make ourselves better. I deffinitly do this an I don’t know if I’ll ever stop!:( but I woul like to know ways to speed up metabolism to!

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