What can/can't cops do?

Can a cop legally step on your property? I was drinking on my driveway, no car was in sight. I was with another friend and we were not being loud at all. I am 24 years old and I own my own home, I do not live my parents. Is it right for them to be walking on my property without asking or without being told to? Am I ok in telling them to get off my property?

Answer #1

They don’t have no right but they think we don’t know that you told them right believe me I know you should have said Do I Need To Call My Lawyer they back up real quick then.

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Ok, that really does help out a lot. The cop came up to my friends and I and asked for our id’s. I just thought was far out there since we weren’t doing anything wrong at all. Then he asked if there was anyone inside the house. When I answered no, he asked to look. Of course I said no. Then I asked him to leave. He sat in his car all night at the end of my driveway. I was curious if it was illegal, and then I thought if it was harassment that he sat there all night.

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Am I ok in telling them to get off my property?

That’ll only arouse their suspicion…

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Im not sure if the cop can come on to your property if you have a no tresspassing signs up without a specific cause. I do know however that they can not come into your home, garage, or fenced in area with a warrant. If they say they have one ask to see it before you let them enter. You do not have to be rude, of course coorperation is always appreciated. If you have nothing to hide just let them in, it will probably keep them from driving by your house every night looking for a reason to come in. If you do refuse to let them in you do have to follow any instructions given, for example, turn down the music. You also do not have to answer the door. They still can not come in. If your having a party or something of that sort and are scared to answer the door turn off any music and get everyone to be quiet and stay away from the door. They will knock and say open up but that does not mean you have to answer. They may sit outside for a while so becareful to not let any minors leave who have been drinking because if they catch them and saw them come out of your house that gives them a specific cause to go inside your house. If you are outside your home and it is not fenced in you are in the general public and they do have the right to come up to you and start asking questions. The only question you HAVE to answer is your name. If they ask for an I.D give them one. Never argue, or try to make a deal. They dont care how bad your day has been, remember ANYTHING you say can, and will be used AGAINST you in the court of law.

Answer #5

Do you feel intimidated when pulled over? Do you feel intimidated when stopped in the street? Do you feel that you are obliged to give them information or answer their questions? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you DON’T know your rights. A police officer is not what he was many moons ago, in bygone days they cared for their employers (yes you) they actually wanted to help you, they wanted to solve crimes, they had compassion, a sense of fair play and in response to this they earned our respect and admiration.

ALL of that has changed! police officers are now revenue agents plain and simple and if officers are silly enough to think that’s not true, or just wish to profess it isn’t, try not giving out fixed penalties for a month and see if you don’t get a talking to! The truth is they are now your adversary and that is not meant in a violent way, more like a game of who can get who to do as their told, and they are trained to get from you what they need to actually fine/arrest you by actually getting you to consent. Lets quickly look at all laws that don’t include

Death or Injury to others, Damage to another’s property or using fraud in your contracts, ok these three very heavy crimes are all you can truly be guilty of YES its all you can truly be guilty of!!! Anything else is just STATUTE LAW and the simple to remember definition on this law is laws that only apply if you consent to them!! here look: Statute: “Legislative rule of society given the force of law by the consent of the governed”. Yes look at the last four words, “CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED” that is you!! so if you don’t consent then they cant do, yes I know what your thinking, but it is that simple. Ok officer walks up to you and says “can I ask you some questions” don’t consent, ask him “what the nature is of the intended detention?” and record the conversation and let him see your doing this, use your mobile, 99% of the mobiles available today have recorders to go for it! If he says you cannot record this conversation, then what he is in fact saying is, yep you guessed it!! I don’t consent to be recorded, so you simple say “Ok am I free to go?”

The simple fact is they NEED your consent, and they have some very cool tools to use to get it, one is intimidation, another is acting, they act like your friend, they act like they care the just ACT! put you off guard and most of you sing like canaries!! they other weapon of choice is Inconvenience you don’t have time to waste playing the chess game so you sqwauk to get away quicker, and wham! they have their result! If you are pulled over for an offence under an act ie: speeding, seatbelt or some other infraction it is all part of the “Road Traffic Act of 1988 keyword is “ACT” and believe you me what merry old act it is, this is pure stage play.

They when issuing a ticket need your name SHUT UP! don’t argue with them as it is adversarial just SHUT UP! they need your name and date of birth to confirm which corporation they are going to give the bill of exchange to (bills of exchange defences are simple) but were not doing those right now… so no name, no d.o.b no address, don’t give anything to work with, don’t say a single word no matter what coersion they try, hell they might even go for some “good cop bad cop” stuff this is great to watch when you are fully aware of their lack of power, its like watching “eastenders” if they read you your rights you have to say you understand them for them to be put on you, AGAIN YOUR CONSENT (get it) don’t say a word!!

Now these officers of revenue don’t like the grim realisation that they have no power, you could get arrested, yes am afraid they can still arrest you, but the worst they can do is keep you for a few hours, so get some sleep, oh and if you have a notarised claim of right, with a schedule of charges for arrest and detention, then sleep even sweeter because these fools are paying you to learn that they have no power! I know getting arrested isn’t nice, they know this, that’s why its one of their tools to get you to sing like a nightingale.

But if you don’t go through it they will always have that power over you. Now if they are going to arrest you, one nice way of them playing into your hands is if you say a these few of words, “ Officer I am a peaceful man, there will be no violence, but you are obliged to note that if you are going to arrest me it will be under protest and duress at all times! and I reserve all of my rights at all times, and I waive none of those rights at any time for any cause or reason, If they take you to the station remember DON’T SAY A SINGLE WORD hell you might get a new name! “JOHN DOE” lol If they try to fingerprint you, tell them you do not consent to this, if they try to get your DNA tell them! you do not consent to this, if they touch you, tell them, “Officer I do not consent to be touch at all”

MAKE THE FACT YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS KNOWN, THEY WONT DO IT AGAIN, YOU WILL FIND OUT WHY LATER! but trust me they will only act illegally if you continue to let them do so. To close,… remember any soppy acts they like to quote are powerless, a clawless, toothless tiger… they have no power if you don’t consent.

Answer #6

I would first see what he wants first your doing nothing illegal so um dont go like get the fhuck outta here to a cop lol because that would not be good, see what he wanted maybe he could b your friend, offer him some drinks and mebe he can pull some strings if anything happens lol. but I guess if he does something you REALLY think he should be doing you should report it

Answer #7

they can go on your property if they suspect your doing something illegal like underage drinking it is actually a crime they only need a warrent to enter your house unless they have a reason thats fit like if they see a murder tgen im pretty sure they can kick your door down

Answer #8

The cops are legally allowed to go anywhere the general public can go. Unless you have no trespassing signs up, they can enter any unfenced portion of your property they want without your permission, just like everyone else.

Rather than telling them to get off your property, you should probably just comply with a simple request like that and ask him why he wants to see it. Odds are, there’s been some crime in the area, and he’s trying to make sure you belong there. After all, how does the cop know its your property if he doesn’t know who you are?

Answer #9

He can he on your property but he can’t come in to your house or garage unles he has a warrant or you let him in

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