What are some urban renewal ideas?

I am part of a youth council, and we are meeting to plan a spring sponsored event. The council has chosen to participate in an urban renewal project, but we are looking for ideas. We are kind of just jumping into this since we’ve never done anything like this before, and I personally was not for the idea. But we are thinking of finding elders in the communities that need help maintaining their house exterior, landscaping a park, or something along those lines. So basically, we are just bettering an aspect of the environment to benefit someone/people. Any ideas on how to go about this urban renewal? Or who we could partner with, such as boy scouts? Thanks!

Answer #1

Planting trees is always good, and you can get either Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts or both to help with that. I’ll let you know if I have some more ideas! :)

Answer #2

Contact local radio stations, businesses, and public administrations. All of these will usually assist, donate to, promote, or fund entirely the right cause. Merely for the sake of public image in most cases. I think the boy/girl scouts would be a good start. You might consider organizing with your fellow students (or w/e) to participate in an adopt-a-road program. That’s where the city puts a sign on a section of street announcing that you maintain said stretch of road proudly, and that people have you to thank for it. (of course, you have to actively keep it clean lol)

Cleaning up parks is also an excellent idea, and you don’t need to really organize a lot or raise any money, just get a bunch of old grocery bags from people (go door to door, there are millions to be had) and then divide them out among all your people and clean up all the parks you can reach. Remember to be careful with disgusting people’s garbage and wear good thick gloves!

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