what are some fundraising ideas for the Tasmanian Devil's illness?

Hi, I am in grade 10 and I am doing a science project on the Tasmanian Devil’s facial tumour (cancer). Part of my project is to raise as much money as possible for the rare (cute) animal. I was wondering if anyone has some good and creative ideas I could use for that fundraising. please help :)

Answer #1

thankyou for your support everyone :) I do appreciate it.

Answer #2

bakesale, raffle, etc

If you have hook-ups with local bands(friends of friends, or if you know them directly) ask them to perform a concert. Sell cheep tickets so people can get in to see, or have people pay tips to see them play. Sell food and drinks. Have tip jars out, do a rafle there. Name it osmething snappy having to do with the t-devil. Best of luck 1_~

Answer #3

Put up a website and advertise in newspapers or at supermarkets and put collection boxes at cafés or restaurants. Laetrile sometimes helps, also the very best food, I do not know if baths would agree with it

Answer #4

I have always loved Tasmanian Devils! Ever since I first learned about them in second grade. Hmm… fundraising… unfortunately I was never good at this type of ideas. Are you planning on setting up a booth or doing it online?

Answer #5

well, I was planning to do it in a number of different ways, not online though. Too complicated for me aha

Answer #6

You can look online about Tasmanian Devil’s illness,and read about it,make it that way I hope that will help you out.

Answer #7

I can’t really offer you much advice.. But I am glad to hear you’re interested in helping these beautiful animals. Good luck!


Answer #8

You could start a raffle ticket sale, purchase a few booklets of these raffle tickets and then sell each tickets for $2 each….BUT…..before you do that, it would be ideal to have a prize for the lucky winner confirmed before hand, otherwise people will not buy something if they cannot win something.

If money is out of the question with regards to buying the prize yourself, why not contact some large corporations (companies) who may be willing to sponsor a gift for this worthy cause.

They can give you a product of theirs or if they are a service provider, for example, a hotel or motel venue, maybe ask if they are willing to free up a room during the weekday (off peak, and not during busy seasons), for one night, where the winner of the raffle ticket sales can claim the accommodation as their prize.

Goodluck and this is certainly a cause worth fundraising for :) bravo.

Answer #9

yeah, raffle could work really well. if you know anyone who can make some cute little things nice and cheap you could sell plushies. Maybe you could do one of those… what are they called, schools call them Jog-A-Thons where you run laps and people give you a donation per lap. That’s all I can think of, sorry. Good luck!

Answer #10

o you can do tons of stuff, bake sales, learn a new craft and sale it, make t shirts, just be sure to incorperate the fact that its all for charity, and get you friends into it to, it could end up being a really fun experiance :)

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