What are some good stretches to do before/after softball practice?

What are some good stretches I can do before and then after my two hour softball practices?

Answer #1

Before try to stretch out everyhing you can because when I was catching I didnt stretch out my thighs good enuff and I pulled a muscle and couldnt play the rest of the tournement and after I don’t know walk alittle but don’t sit straight after otherwise you can get cramps

Answer #2

Well I play softball to and this is what we do.

  1. Do your neck and rotate it too the left then the right then forward gently.
  2. Cross your arm over your chest then use your other arm to push on on it. Make sure you do both arms 3.bring your arm behind your back then put your hand between your shoulder blades, then bring your other arm and put it on the elbow then pull down gently. 4.take your wristes and bend it one way and rotate your ankles..then bend your wrist the other way and rotTe our ankles the other way.. Then do other ankle and wrist. 5.put one leg in front of the other and bend forwrd then go backwards and lift your front foot up.. Then do other leg. 6.lay on the ground on your stomach and cross one leg over and try and make it touh the ground on the other side. Do both legs.
  3. Get a partner and stand facing each other then hold each others are mucsles and pull again each other. For cool down stretches
  4. Go for a very light jog 2 sit on your butt and bring your legs open, stretch to your left leg then your right leg. 3.then bring your legs together and cross one leg over each other and put your arm on your knee and push against it too stretch your bag.. Then do other leg.
  5. Then some simple arm stretches anything really. For all these stretches make sure you always do the other side And hold them for 30secnds.. It’s kinda hard to explain the tretches but I hopei have helped.
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