I lift 3 times a week giving each muscle 6 days to rest am I doing enough I am 5 10 290 17 years old

Answer #1

Personally I think everyone works out differently and you just need to find the best way for you.

Some people can build muscle off just working a muscle group once a week whereas others need to lift weights more regularly.

I’ve been through phases of working every muscle group every other day, focusing on muscle groups throughout the week, working on 2 muscle groups every other day. Results vary from person to person.

Just remember you build muscles out of the gym. The gym is where you damage your muscles. Outside of the gym your muscles repair and rebuild stronger. Therefore rest is as important as training. Nutrition is also as important. Sleep well, eat well and work out sensibly and you should be fine.

Also, cardio is just as important as weight training. If you’re looking to maximize fat burning look up “interval training” or “fartlek”. Bear in mind though that this again affects your work out and the way your muscles will build.

Try writing down your workout down, checking online for others routines and don’t be afraid to find an online community or a knowledgeable adult who can help you. You’re still developing and the last thing you want to do is give yourself a permanent injury.

Answer #2

I personally dont think your doing enough because I work out and a lot more than what you do and im fine I have 1 to 2 days break and thats it but you have to push your muscles to the extreme because you actually need to tear or rip a certain part of the muscle because each time you do that 2 more parts of the muscle grow back so id recommend 4 days of working out a week and for upto 2-3 hours at a time.

Answer #3

I wud say no, um thats to long for your muscles to lift. what me and my boyfriend does [although every thing is different for diff people] is we lift heavy heavy weights very slowly doin less reps but a lot more weight then normal and we rotate in between arms one day then the next on legs makin sure we dont get to sore for that can set you back a lot if you tear some thing or get some thin sore. how much are you lifting?

Answer #4

oh but you have to pace your self other wise you could do some damage

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