gymnasts after stopping training???

I really want to know what happens to a gymnasts weight and height after quitting training…do you put on weight, lose weight… grow taller, dont grow at all…im a gymnast and train 14 hrs per wk. im 14 and a 1/2 and I dont know whether to quit so I can grow taller, but will I put on weight as well??? please answer…

Answer #1

I’m sorry you don’t like gymnastics as much anymore. I think you should be fine and your weight should be fine if you keep exercising a bit and eating healthy. Good luck to you for whatever you do in the future!

Answer #2

im in level 5…and I want to quit cause its just not as xciting as it used to be… I want to grow taler cause im only 159 cm tall

Answer #3

If you dance and do soccer, no you won’t gain weight. If you exercise a bit, you won’t gain weight or maybe just a little weight. You might end up losing some muscle tone in your upper body and core though. What level are you at? And why do you want to quit?

Answer #4

how long have you been training for? and also …I eat a lot and im 53 kg and im 160cm tall so if I stop gym will I eat as much then? please answer.

Answer #5

im 14 and 1/2 …what if I stop at 15? and even if I do stop I wont just sit around…if I uit at 15 ill probs do dance, athletics indoor soccer…so yeh…would that change my weight. and if I dont end up doing any sport but exercise a bit still…will I put on weight???

Answer #6

Like I said before, if you continue to do physical activity you probably won’t gain weight. If you sit around and eat junk food all day you will gain weight. It also depends on your age. If you are 13 years old you probably won’t gain that much but if you are 18 years old you will gain more weight.

Answer #7

but those gymnasts train more hours and more intensely then me…I train only 14 hours a wk…so will I put on weight after I stop???

Answer #8

it all depends. I am 14 and I quit gymnastics a few months ago, and I have gotten a lil taller, but as far as weight, it depends. for me, my metabolism slowd down and I dont eat nearly as much as I used to. of course im watching what I eat, so yeah. I gained a few pounds after I quit, but I think its just because I was used to eating so much… I workd out 5 hours a day every week day so yeahh

Answer #9

Quitting gymnastics just to grow taller does not seem very valid to me but whatever floats your boat. Look at Carly Patterson: After she stopped gymanstics, she gained a lot of weight but did not grow any taller. Look at Dominique Moceanu: After the 1996 Olympics she was still training very much and had several growth spurts. After she did finally stop gymnastics she put on a bit of weight. Gaining weight after quitting an intense sport will usually happen unless you are still working out/running/etc.

Answer #10

lol ok thnks heaps

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