How do I get a flat stomach?

I want to get a flat stomache. but I don’t know how. like I know I have to lessen my eating habits and stuff. but crunches don’t seem to work. and I’m not into the whole jogging or running thing cause my neighborhood isn’t a very good place for that. & I’m not looking to get into an eating disorder. can someone help me out immediately. I’m 5”2, & 15 years old, what should my weight be? PLEASE HELP.

Answer #1

When I was 14-16 my mother was against taking me to a gym, she did not want me to develop any type of eating disorder, but what we did do together was walking. My mother and I used to walk for at least 30 minutes every night. It was fun and a good bonding experience and I was getting enough exercise to keep my body fit. The other thing is about what you drink. Water is really the only thing that you can drink that is 100% good for you and it helps you burn fat and you can drink all the water that you want. Caffinated drinks are usually high in calories and fat. When I wake up in the morning I drink a red bull on my way to work but I count those calories and then I only drink water for the rest of the day. I do pilates every day for one hour in my house, and I eat alot of fruits and vegetables and meats like fish, chicken, and turkey and occasionally pork. I have not always done this, over the last few years I let myself go and I was on depo-provera so it was hard for me to keep the weight off. I will say that I am back on my diet regimen and exercise plan for a little over a week now and I have dropped one size already. The main thing is to make sure that you don’t go for more than five hours without eating, and always drink lots and lots of water.

Answer #2

First off you have to see your body frame size by going to this site :

then you see what your desired weight should be… then go to the left column i think it gives your many options..

I got a flat stomach by walking on an empty stomach and drinking plenty of water.

Eat fruits & vegs. & drink water for 2 weeks you will see the difference.

Here’s some sites :

Hope these helped you out a lot!

Answer #3

i agree with the above u can join a gym or go on a diet there are also pills that u can take hoped i helped!!!

Answer #4

i know what u mean i want a flat stomach also… i am 15 and i am 5 feet 10 inches and weigh 147… i know i am at a fine weight but my mom doesnt want to bring me to the gym as often as i want to go.. .and i think i am too young to go to the gym but i am not sure.. Krissykrunch if you get any good tips please please tell me… thank you

Answer #5

Crunches will not get you a flat stomach. Two rules: eat a healthy diet, and exercise! If you cannot go out running, then do circuit training at home. This routine will get you started:

Answer #6

Crunches will not get you a flat stomach. Two rules: eat a healthy diet, and exercise! If you cannot go out running, then do circuit training at home. This routine will get you started:

Answer #7

i’m 5’5 and 15 and i’m 120 but i have an eating disorder. whatever you do don’t think it’s okay to have an eating disorder because that’s part of it. you start wanting it and you keep pushing and succeedign.

Answer #8

hm. well, im 5’7 weigh 110, and do not have an eating disorder. I always eat healthy! lots of fruits and vegetables (and i love to eat, so its okay to eat alot of HEALTHY food). Just don’t eat fried foods, saturated fats, or too many carbs (those all contribute to belly fat). I have a personal trainer at a gym (its free at this gym i go to, only 20 bucks a month!!), and he is great, he tells me all the excercises i need to do, and healthy tips when im at work or at school. I’m sure they offer something at a gym around where you live, check it out, its so worth it! good luck hun! if you have any more questions just message me! p.s. don’t worry too much, you look gorgeous in your picture!! =)

Answer #9

Pilates works great, you can do it in the privacy of your own home, or join a gym. They also have a healthy eating program and a diary to keep track of your results. A little time and patience is all that you need to make it work. Pilates is more than a work out video, it is a complete, structured way of life. You can do it as little or as much as you want as long as you stick with their program. Try it out, you can get the starter kits for as little as 10-20 bucks if you go to the right store.

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