What happens if you go to sleep while your high of marijuana?

what happens if yu go to sleep while your highh of marijuana? I always wanted to know ?

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you get the best sleep of your life. haha.

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haha nothinggg . yu just get an amazingg sleepp.. I mean yu may get weird dream & yu may get good dreamss. but if yu wake up in the middle of the night make sure yu gott waterr yu gett mad cotten mouthh.

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Exactly. You sleep fantabulously,then wake up feeling great.
Although when I smoked it,and ciggies and drank,I woke up in the middle of the night sick to my stomach. Eh,it was my first time.

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Hahaha I asked one of my sisters friends the same question..he said sometimes you have really weird dreams...and you often wake up sick

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Nothing.. just a good sleep.

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You wake up with extremely dialated pupils haha

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yeah, you just fall into a deep sleep. I've never woken up sick though.


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You have a really good nights sleep.

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you oversleep and show up late to work...lol

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If you go to sleep high then the most that will happen is you will have really weird dreams.

Most people report having some of the best sleep they ever had when they go to bed high.

It shouldn't cause you any health issues if you go to sleep high.

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