where would you visit, if you could go to one place anywhere in the world?

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Answer #2

England :]

Answer #3

me too! i dont know why but im like obsessed with alabama. lol. idk. im kind of weird thoo.. (with being obsessed) lol

Answer #4

i would love to go there too:)

Answer #5

Same here! i have always wanted too go too alabama((:

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Answer #7

yes it does!!:))

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Answer #11

Amsterdam….for the obious reasons. Me and my fiance plan on going there in the next year or two.

Answer #12

i would love to go to venice, australia, and greece.

i want to go to laidback places.

Answer #13

i would like to be by the person i love lol

Answer #14

lol. thats cool:)) yeah umm when im 18 me and like 8 friends plan on going:) too bad ill be the only girl.. haa. but its all good.

Answer #15

how sweet! lol:)

Answer #16

yeah. i want to go to greece!:) those are the best places:))

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Answer #18

i wud go bac nd re-visit new york or i wud go 2 CALI

Answer #19

Too many places, I want to go everywhere!! I do have a personal goal of at least visiting all fifty states, got 26 out of the way!

Answer #20

kansas, i always did a report on the state and i would love to visit it…even if there nothing really interesting there

Answer #21

There is a lot of interesting stuff there! I grew up in Kansas. They have a great museum in dodge city! They also have a museum for The Wizard of Oz. There is cowtown as well, by Wichita. And a big hand dug well in Greensburg you can walk down into, the biggest hand dug well in the world! If you like Norway you can visit little Norway in Lindsburg!! There is so much more I know, and so much more I don’t know. Its an awesome place!! I cant wait to visit again!

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Answer #23

Me too! I’m so glad you chose it, Kansas does not get as much recognition as it deserves! :) People are always saying its boring you see one part you seen it all, just flat fields… so not true!

Answer #24

Kyoto, Japan. It is very traditional place. My family is from Japan but I have never been.

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Answer #26

I would love to go to the Bahamas…I haven’t been there since I was 12…we used to go one or twice a year for 4 days & 3 nights…was heaven on earth…warm white silky smooth sand as well as crystal clear warm water…..ugh…memories…♥

Answer #27

I would go to Samarkand in Uzbekistan. My dad grew up near there and I’ve only seen pictures of it. It’s so historical and beautiful. I want to visit the Registan there, which is a place with beautiful turquoise stones. I’d also visit the Guri Amir, the tomb of Tamerlan(Genghis khan’s grandson).

I’d go mainly for the vast varieties of polow though! :D I love my polow!! And kebabs! I wanna eat all the food there!

Answer #28

haha i live there :)

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Answer #30

America, Probably north to go skiing! I would love that so much - everyones always so happy in USA :) X

Answer #31

Vietnam, I’d actually like to go to the land where my parents were born.

Answer #32

Always wanted to go to Japan :P.

Answer #33

My boyfriends house atm lol i feel like cuddles :(

Answer #34

I would want 2 b in New Zealand :P I’ve never been, but i REALLY want 2 go. I hav this random obsession with it :D

Answer #35

Or some amusment park. :) I rele like scary and fast roller coasters. And it’s all the better w/ friends

Answer #36

The Amazon!

Answer #37

japan,,,i wanna see the land where samurai lived.its peaceful land and i will be happy to meet some japenes on funadvise too

Answer #38

me too

Answer #39

wow,and which is the first place you wanna visit between others???

Answer #40

If I could visit one place in the world, I would choose…London, because it seems very beautiful and amazing. The place seems cool and fun plus lots of attractions there. hehe

Answer #41

Awee, how cute…I’m sure you will see him soon & get a lot of cuddles…♥

Answer #42

Thats cool((:

Answer #43

Aww man! I missed the memo on that one! lol

Answer #44

lol.. ummm not really alot of americans are umm well always mad about money (well most of us) lol. i dont see many “happy” people where im from! but im a happy person!:) i lilke to look at the bright side in things:)) but i dont plan on being in amercia much longer:) haa. where did u hear that about everyone being happy? lol. alot are but not everybody. lol.

Answer #45

I have been to Orlando, Florida several times since I was a baby. I have amazing memories there and it seems like everyone is happy :) When I was younger and my parents argued I would pretend I was in Florida and i would see al happy faces and laughter :) I really miss it!

Answer #46

i live in England :) you gotta love it! x

Answer #47

Yeah people told me the same thing but eather way it makes me courios

Answer #48

Germany. i would like to see where my dad was from.

Answer #49

I would travel the world.I don’t want to pick just one.=/i’m weird like thst.But if I had to choose…..WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went there only when I was like 4 so I don’t remember all that much.=(

Answer #50

Rollercoasters!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Sorry,high on sugar!!!!!!!!!)

Answer #51

I agree with you, my dad is from there too!

Answer #52

Wow lol((:

Answer #53

I haven’t been on the east coast so probably New York, Maine, Florida, and everything inbetween.

Answer #54

I would go to Italy because of it’s beautiful statues and places.

Answer #55

yepp :)

Answer #56

I have traveled in many interesting places including; Jamaica, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, U.S., Tanzania, Egypt, Peru, Spain, The Netherlands, and China. But, the most fascinating place I have been to is India. If I could only see one more place in the world it might be Ireland, Thailand, or Australia? Of course, every place on this planet has it’s beauty!

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Answer #59

England,Italy,Austria,Sweden and Canada…And many more…=)

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