Where would you go?

If you could travel anywhere in the world and you could only pick one place - where would you go and why?

Me: amsterdam

I am fascinated with this place. Legal cannibas coffee shops, red light districts, the beautiful canals, van gogh musuem, anne franks house, etc. I plan on going one day.

Answer #1

I have a different opinion than everyone else! im more of a homebody. haha, im not sure if I even want to visit a place too far away.

I would like to see new york during new years one time, I live in ohiooo.


Answer #2

I would like to either go to Tokyo Japan or Alaska.

Alaska because my mom was born and adopted there and we might have a bunch of family there (and I love snow). Tokyo because for a while my grandpa was stationed there when he was in the Air Force. He never really talked about anything that happend to him besides when he was on leave in Tokyo and he said some REALLY kewl stuff about that. I’m sure it’s changed but I’d still like to go.

Answer #3

Osaka Japan!!! :) I love the music in japan!! it’s all I listen too!! I love the culture!! I love the lifestyle!! everything about it!! but I don’t like the city life, so Osaka is the perfect place to live. :)

Answer #4

-new zealand!!

I want to discover the world of winter and summer at the same time to see what its like…and find out if penguins really do live there.

Answer #5

I would go to california because I never been there and I like hotness

Answer #6

I’ve always wanted to go to Los Angeles but not to visit, I want to live there. Besides that, I really want to visit Romania. The scenery there is so breath-taking. I love that its kind of dark and mysterious.

Answer #7

the scottish highlands would be my first choice. second choice would be egypt.

Answer #8

Amsterdam is only like 20 minutes away from me on the plane, so I’d like to go there too- apparantely its amazing. :) I’d like to go to Australia. My cousin’s live there, and I haven’t seen them in sucha long time. they say its beautiful.

Answer #9

canada or amsterdam or new zealand or somewhere that has beautiful nature & scenery

Answer #10

mmm…just america..anywhere. Should be sooo interesting.

Answer #11

I’m from Canada but I’d like to go to egypt or Australia

Answer #12

Egypt or Rome I have always been intersted in all the historical buildings and pyramids I would LOVE to go to those places

Answer #13

Japan, I guess.

Answer #14

German and China.

Answer #15

I wanna go to loads of places all over thw world. La ( or anywere in america), canada to see the bears and gigantic salmon in the rivers, thailand just becuase I dont know, Tokyo to see all the neon signs and try sushi, Jamaica because its Bob Marley land and looks loverly, Australia but the spides are masov and the plane is like 24 hours straight !!, Egypt to see all the pyramds and the Valley of the kings, back to Greece, Rhodes. Somewere cold so I could ski.

Answer #16

englan I would want to go there because it rains a lot and I LOVE the rain its a beautiful place with wonderful people. I’ve always wanted to go and I will someday.

Answer #17

London, Eng.

Half of my family lives over there, I’ve been once, and It is SO beautiful.

Answer #18

amsterdam!!! FTW!!!

OO or london… ^^ I like london…

Answer #19

Lisbon - Portugal

lolz dunno maybe because I’m Portuguese :p

Answer #20

I would probably want to go to Germany, so that I could go to Holocasut museums and etc. I would also like to go to the museum that was built on the site of the Lorraine Hotel which is where Martin Luther King got assasinated. I am not sure in which state this is located, but I think it is in either, Georgia, Alabama or Tennessee.

Answer #21

Paris it has everything an eccentric person needs and more its a very overwhelming city with an amazing capacity for tourism and landmarks. I cant understand people who say that they hated it extreme introverts.

Answer #22

london, so wanna go there . I LLOOOVVEEE there accents and stuff. it seems like a buetiful place. aaaggghhh I wanna go there SO fricken bad

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