Where would you go if you could go any where in the world?

Oky well my mom got hurt a looong time ago, but now shes getting this big check for it and so we are going on vacation, we could go anywhere if we want she wants to go to mexico but im chubby and feel very self concious in a swim suit, so I dont know what to do so she said to think about it I kinda want to go to italy because im itallian ((shes not it comes from my dads side)) so where would you go if you were me ?!

Answer #1

how about france

Answer #2

You look beautiful don’t feel self concious in a swimsuit. Hawaii is the best!

Answer #3

well, wow mexico would be nice but im also self conscious in a swin suit portugal is really really nice, especially porto. its great its got something for everyone a beach if you like to sunbathe great buildings if you like your interested in architecture a bank along the river if you appreciate the view many shopping malls if you love to shop great fresh seafood dishes caught from the nearest sea if you like seafood. and the people there are really friendly I have been twice and hope to go again this year.

Answer #4

Mexico would be fun but then so would Italy. Personally, I would prefer Italy but then the check was because your mum was ill so maybe you should go there as a treat for her?

Is there any way maybe you could do both?

Answer #5

for a girl your age italy I dont think would hold any intrest to you unless you wanna see roman stuff…

london is out the question as its more expensive to live there than in new york.

paris is boring unless you wanna see a big tower and your with a partner..

amsterdam is wicked but not for your age group..

berlin is a nice place and german girls are sexy.. (not that you care)

moscow is another nice place but I think the night life might be out your league.. only cus a still little…

personly id pick germany :)

Answer #6

@dorin no she wasnt ill she got hurt about 6-7 yr ago and had to have surgary on her shoulder

Answer #7

I have been to Italy, Mexico, France, England, Ireland, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands and my favorite place is Italy BY FAR. Venice is so amazing, I’ve been there twice and it is my favorite place in the world. There are no cars, only boat and pedestrian traffic and it’s absolutely magical. My second favorite place is Barcelona - inexpensive, warm, good food, and a great atmosphere.

Answer #8

Totally disagree re Italy - I have been taking my daughter to Europe since she was 12 (she’s now 19) and she loves it. Everything is so different that even going to the market was fun. Of everywhere she’s been Venice, Italy was her favorite place. Oh, and there is nothing boring about Paris!

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