Where would you go if you could pack up and leave right now?

If you could go anywhere, if money, timing, etc wasn’t an issue… where would you go? And who would you take with you? I would go to Italy and Ireland…. and I would take anyone that was willing to go with me lol. I wish I could go there…

Answer #1

England :] noone.

Answer #2

I’ve also wanted to go there since I saw The Holiday… :D and cuz I could understand them.

Answer #3

i would go to australia by myself and start over.

Answer #4

I agree with Irene. I choose England. I would just love to get out of the country and go someplace else where the people might be better

Answer #5

Paris i dream about going to paris

Answer #6

Paris i dream about going to Paris

Answer #7

I loved Antigua and Costa Rica, but I love visiting places I have never been for a virgin experience….so my top 2 would be:

Fiji Islands Galapagos Islands Kauai

Answer #8

Oh and just me and my husband….my girl can stay with gamma and poppa for a bit while mom and dad have some romance time =)

Answer #9

Honestly, I would go to the airport with a bag of stuff and take the next flight out of here. Idc where.

Answer #10

Mexico my faivorite place in the world! Irene if u go say hi 2 emma 4 me lol

Answer #11

come with me !!! ive always wanted to go there :D

Answer #12

hmmm England isnt as great as it seems :/ and i would go to Australia or italy because the enviroment seems better there :)

Answer #13

:D lets!

Answer #14

yes (: i know people in Australia so were stored :P

Answer #15

i know some there but we’re not that close. LOL

Answer #16

my boyfrieds house.

Answer #17


Answer #18

japan or korea or india china :) i want to see asia !!!

Answer #19

yeah and take me with you,lol. i will take my friend willy. :)

Answer #20

somewhere in europe. somwhere where nobody knows me so i can start all over

Answer #21

I would go to Uzbekistan. :) It’s a nice place and the weather is nice. Always 30 ºC-42 ºC(86F-107F) in the summer and slightly colder in the winter. I’d go mainly because I’m half Uzbek and I can start a new life out there alone. I wouldn’t bring anyone because no one would want to go to a country located next to the border of Afghanistan. :P

Answer #22

Ireland, I’ve been wanting to go there for years! Just seems so lively and fresh, and welcoming~

Answer #23

I would go downtown and get an apartment to watch the sun set over the Emerald City Skyline.

Answer #24

California :)

Answer #25

Cali? Say whaaaat?! anywhere in the world and you choose cali… haha well okay.. I’ll pick you up from the airport :P

Answer #26

and B-E-A-utiful!!!

Answer #27

LOL I have a plannnn :) Wait, you live in Cali??? Is where you live anywhere close to Salinas, by chance??? D: Cuz that’s where I’m going when I’m 18 :3

Answer #28

Hell. I’d like to visit my Uncle.

Answer #29

Westchester, PA Anyone that’s willing to go for the ride and to get away from their home-state. My idol lives there.

Answer #30

i’d stay here in beautful Newfoundland ! The Love of mah life !

Answer #31

are you sure he still lives there? :P

Answer #32

What is Salinas close to? lol

Answer #33

i wud want 2 go 2 new york city….where all my cousins are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #34

Yea, it would take days or weeks to move his private skateboard park as well as The Compound.

Answer #35

your house ;)

Answer #36

haha blehhh desert…

Answer #37

im going for the view ;) of you AHHHH… miss my chessyness?

Answer #38

england iv always wanted to go there

Answer #39


Answer #40

I’d go tour America with my boyfriend.

Answer #41

area 51 all the way down to the level that has the space ship and the dead aliens.

Answer #42

ahahaha of course I did, Jq <3

Answer #43

how do u know aliens r real ??

Answer #44

how do u know aliens r real ??

Answer #45

i want to go to California or minnesota :D

Answer #46

good cause im nice and thick today…(my cheesiness) u perv…. i know what u were thikin of.. its ok, not alot of girls can resist think of my mini corndog….

Answer #47

I dont.

Answer #48

You know why moe214? Cuz cali4nia gurls were un4getable daisy dukes bikinis on top… Teehee (I’m not even a cali girl lol)

Answer #49

I knew you were talking about your cheesiness :P I believe it.. now my mind keeps repeating over and over: mini corndog mini corndog mini corndog :D

Answer #50

England. :D

Answer #51

No daisy dukes out here in the desert.. that sh!t would be annoying.. :P

Answer #52

back to canada i luv it there

Answer #53

all my life i been in bug cities..for ones i want to go far away quiet and peaceful surrounded by a pound and (forest, mountains) little the middle of nowhere..small and nice

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