Which would you rather visit, the deepest part of the ocean or the farthest of stars?

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I have a phobia of whats inside the ocean, and i dont like heights :/

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Probably the farthest of stars. I mean we pretty much already have a good idea on what's at the bottom of the ocean but wherever the different planets and stars are and with the possible existence of aliens is still a mystery

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Wouldn't you die going to either of those places?

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If you don't have the proper gear, You'd die, but for me, It's definitely both though I'm still scared of both. ^.^

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Well, nobody has ever been to the very bottom of the ocean that I know of...

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Both :)

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First i would go to the deepest part of the ocean. Then i would go to the farthest of the stars Because even if i didn't come back to earth, id know that i saw everything from to to bottom (:

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That makes you super awesome in my book. lol

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Thanks x)

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No, not yet, but I'm not entirely down to earth this summer so my Imagination is running wild and weird.

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stars......mayb this world will look better from a distance.:)

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Deepest in the ocean. We know what stars look like, if you said planets, I would have said yes. Our world still has many mysteries.

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there are so many mysterys behind the stars

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