Why should we pay attention to ocean pollution?

How does ocean pollution affect as as humans? How does it effect the enviornment? What impact will ocean pollution have on us in the future? I would appreciate it if you answered..Thanks =]

Answer #1

umm well lets see the air we breathe contains hydrogen so when the sunlight hits the ocean typically this will cause water to turn into its gas form which is called steam or water vapor. Anything inside the water will go with it so all the polution and stuff is going with the water and forming a cloud. Now that cloud is eventually going to be dense enough to release all the water it has stored. This means releasing all the crap inside the water so in turn this will hurt nature (plants animals worms especially) some animals depend on rain water for drinking water and if this water is dirty then they will get sick from drinking it and thats bad. Also trees need clean water to and ther taking in this shitty water therfore they’ll get sick and might eventually die as well. its very crucial to keep the ocean water clean as a lot of animals and plants depend on it.

Answer #2

Well we eat fish & sea things, so if that population went down, what if we ran outta other meat? then there’d be no food except like plants but no meat which isnt healthy for us.

Answer #3

well, we dont want to fill the ocean with so much pollution and crap that all the fish and sea creatures die or fill them with so much pollution that we wouldnt be able to eat them and make the ocean look ugly and smell horrible so that we cant swim in it and enjoy it

Answer #4

I think that it effect us because all of the fish are going to die and that means that we will have less food , leading to the death of humans, I think that we should be more caring in what we do to our environment and I think that we should try harder to keep our earth clean , sure nothing may happen to our generation but think about our future generations that could be out kids and our kids children .

Answer #5

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