How do I overcome these problems so I can be a vegetarian

I want to become a vegetarian I have for a while but I have a few problems with it like I enjoy the taste of meat but I feel bad eating it and im not big on vegetables that and the last problem is my parents wont understand my decision. How do I overcome these problems so I can be a vegetarian and explain it to my parents

Also everything we make either has meat as a side or has meat in it

Answer #1

Well if you enjoy the taste of meat, you can eat the meat alternatives, like veggie burgers, tofurky, etc… I have a friend who cooks tofu in like a chicken/beef flavored veggie broth to get the taste, theres lots of different ways…

Wow your not big on vegetables? =\ haha uhmm I guess you can just try eating different ones, cook them different ways, with different things until you find a way you actually like them…?

&& just explain to them why, like it is a healthier lifestyle if you eat properly… My dad put me into the hospital when I told him he just didn’t except it, thought I was going anorexic, he made no sense… He still doesn’t like it too this day, but he sees that I eat healthy, so hes accepted it.

&& my family is the same way my dad is practically a carnivore lol well not really but I like to call him one… =P Haha you just have to learn to cook your own meals…

* Source: Me =D [[Vegetarian for almost 4 years…]]

Answer #2

Dont become 1 why did nature give you teeth if you were not meant to eat veg you would have gums

Answer #3

I agree with trafficaneman take responsibiity. you have moral issues eating meat yet you don’t have the tastes for a vegi rap. your being pretty picky for someone with such moral issues. you want to avoid meat avoid meat, that easy. break down the wall and learn to like vegi’s.

Answer #4

You have got to take responsibility for your own food , start doing your own and people will soon realise your not just trying to be cool or going trough a phase

Answer #5

well , im a vegetarian and my parents were ALWAYS trying to get me to eat meat again but I really cant bear the thought of eating anything thats once had a face I’ve been to all the animal abuse sites ( im completly against it ) & I think its horrible . like with cows they slice their necks & hang them upside down to let them “bleed out” & with chickens & pigs & all the other animals even DOGS . they beat them to death. so thats another reason I cant eat meat like I think about my own two puppies & I have a cat I couldnt think about killing an animal just for my pleasure because it hurts me & I dont even like the taste of milk anymore .

Answer #6

Anything that’s not sweet or fatty tastes much better if it’s organic. If you still can’t taste the flavor, try zinc supplements. Find a soluble zinc you can digest; zinc oxide is just rust powder.

For any life decision you make, you just gotta sit down and talk about it in your own words.

Answer #7

I am vegetarian and I have the same problems as you? 1.I love the taste of meat. But after I eat it I get this regret feeling because I just ate an animal and I puke it back up. I have slipped and ate meat a few times since becoming a vegetarian. But after a while it gets easier not to eat meat! 2.My parents don’t understand my decision and they think it is stupid. They have even suggested for me to go eat some grass from our front lawn. After awile they will get used to it!

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