Are vegetarians healthy?

Im a vegetarian and my mom says its not healthy.. Is that true?

Answer #1

Protein isn’t normally a problem on vegetarian diets. Most people eat far more protein than they need and while there are health problems associated with high protein consumption protein deficiency is almost unheard of in 1st world nations.

Eat a varied diet with lots of whole grains, vegetables, and fruit and you have a healthy diet. There are vitamins that can be a problem for vegetarians. If you don’t eat seafood, fortified dairy products, and you don’t get much sun you can become vitamin D deficient. B12 can be a problem though usually only for people who have been strict vegans for years or who have medical problems that prevent absorbing this vitamin. Otherwise most nutrients are more plentiful in plants than in animals.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 30 years and at my annual physical my doctor says my blood test results are outstanding.

Eating vegetarian does not guaranty a healthy diet. After all, potato chips and soda are vegetarian.

Answer #2

I’m a vegetarian,and I’m yes vegetarians are very much heathier than disgusting meat eaters.your mom is wrong,

Answer #3

Well some people believe that if you don’t eat mean you are not healthy because the meat contains protein. But many people eat only vegetable and they are perfectly healthy! So yea it’s perty healthy, nothing wrong with it.

Answer #4

Vegetarians are perfectly healthy provided they are eating good nutritious foods and appropriate protein alternatives, in some ways vegetarians are more healthy than those of us who eat meat. Make sure you are getting enough protein and calcium, a good multivitamin can help.

Answer #5

Given that millions of people live only on vegetarian diets and have done so for millennia (you know, before the invention of supplements) that is obviously not true. You dont necessarily need to supplement anything. And there is nothing found in meat that you cant find in vegetables. However, those vegetarians have been doing so and thus have a wide variety of vegetables in which they cook in a wide variety of ways. Given the narrow range of vegetables most people in the west seem to eat and limited ways of preparation, it can be unhealthy unless you are carefully making sure you eat a balanced meal or supplementing it if you’re not.

Answer #6

It really depends on how you suplement your diet. Living on just vegtables and fruits is not that healthy. You don’t have to eat meat, but it would be in your best interest to find foods or supplements rich in protein and omega three, things like that. It is also important that your body intakes atleast some fat, you need fat to help have and burn energy. There are many more nutrients that you are probably lacking from not having a balanced diet. I would go online and research ways to replace the vitamins found in meats. Wish I could help more! Good luck finding info!

Answer #7

vegetarians are very healthy. in fact, vegetarians have a very low risk of heart disease

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