What is the best vacation you've ever gone on?

Answer #1

I have had quite a few that I would label as one of the best. I find that the ones that are spur of the moment are the most memorable. For instance a number of years back I spent every spare waking moment building a front porch, decks, a ramp connecting the decks and hand rails where needed. When I finished I told my wife I was going to Maine for the weekend to recoup and she was welcome to come along. After work on Friday we drove 8 hours straight, from NY to Maine and got there about midnight. It turned out it was Founders day weekend and there weren’t any rooms available anywhere. I was exhausted and my wife and I accepted that we might be spending the night in the back of the pickup, when we stopped at one last motel and there was one room left and some one was arguing with the manager that they needed two more cots in the room before they would take it. The manager kept saying there weren’t any more cots left. After seeing that their discussion wasn’t going anywhere I put my credit card on the counter and said ‘SOLD’. We got the room and the next day we traveled a little further to Bath, Maine where it seemed magical with all of the tourists window shopping, and us eating lobster as many time a day as we could manage. We wound up spending a few more days at a bed and breakfast and site seeing. It is a different world in Maine, stress free everyone was extremely pleasant. We still talk about the wonderful time we had and my wife is onboard with me that the unplanned getaways are usually the most memorable.

Answer #2

When i went to jamaica when i was a freshman in highschool, i went for a week with my whole family & it was a suprise christmas present, we all had our plane tickets in our stockings. We unfortunately went during hurricane season, it down poured everyday, but i love my family & still managed to have a great time

Answer #3

The best vacation for me was Egypt. When you visit that country, and see the monuments, temples, and tombs constructed thousands of years ago, it connects you to human history in a very powerful way. You see how our ancestors lived, thought, loved, and died, and gives you a very different perspective on the human race.

A close “second” for me would be Turkey. That country contains the full history of the human race, ancient and modern, and it’s got everything you could possibly want in a vacation: culture, beaches, shopping, friendly people, good food, and hospitality. Forget Europe and North America…go see the “Near East” in all its splendour.

Answer #4

Cancun mexico…been there 3 times now and maybe again this summer if we have the money…it’s amazing to get away from freezing winters to tropical reefs and palm trees. long walks on the beach are my favorite with the multi-colored sun and sand between my toes:D

Answer #5

Mombasa (coast of Kenya) will always hold a special place in my heart. I love it there. But for a specific vacation I’m going with a cruise around Alaska. It was absolutely beautiful, I got to see a bunch of places. It was cold but not freezing cold.

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