Your best vacation.

What is one of your most favorite vacations that you have ever gone on? What did you do there?

Answer #1

I love family holidays and not so long ago I went to visit my sister who has just finished converting her stone barn into some amazing self-catering cottages in Cumbria, UK. We had a great time building a rock garden in front of the patio.

Answer #2

Dominican Republic is beautiful and the people who work at the resorts are just gorgeous and very friendly. I actually didn’t even go on an excursion or anything, just relaxed by the beach. I’ve been to a lot of places south of North America, but the D.R. is my favorite…it’s so relaxing.

Answer #3

last new years when I went to paris it was soo beautiful there :]

Answer #4

Marocco: Agadir, Tiznit, Mirleft, Sidi Ifny, Marrakesh, Cascade d’Ouzoud, Tinghrir, Gordes de Todra, Gorges de Dades, Chefchaouan, Essaouira.

Answer #5

come to south africa and visit the Kruger National Park.Its the best place in the world.

Answer #6

This summer, I finally went to Maldives with my wife (she’s from there) and we went to the underwater restuarant at the Maldives Hilton. :) It was, in a word, simply amazong.

We also went on a two day boat trip, ate lots of fish, snorkled, etc. Had to be the best vacation ever.

Answer #7

New Zealand!!! It is a country full of everything anyone could ever want. The population concentration is in the two main cities. The people are insanely friendly and helpful. You will see some amazing sights, and feel so disconnected to the crazy world, it will teach you a lot about yourself. Also people are very accepting of anyone and if you want to go somewhere and really get to know the culture, it’s very easy to do here!

Answer #8

I went to Europe for 3 weeks this Spring and visited 5 countries. It was great…we spend 3 nights in Amsterdam, 2 nights in Bruges, 5 nights in Paris, 5 nights in Barcelona, and 6 nights in Venice. We took the train from Amsterdam to Bruges and to Paris, then flew from Paris to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Venice. We rented apartments in Paris, Barcelona and Venice which was great because it’s cheaper than a hotel if you’re with a group and you get to live a little like a local.

Answer #9

My best vacation was Delhi and for more info visit: and your will be the best if you go for this place. i can bet on this.

Answer #10

I went to Goa for vacation in the summer with my friends. It is my one of the most memorable and happiest experience of my life.

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