Best Vacation Ever

What has been your best vacation ever? Where did you go? And Why is it your best?

Answer #1

My best vacation was to Ecuador. I went for 2 weeks with a group of friends and 2 teahers (im 13) and we went to the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands. It was so much fun and so pretty. The mountians were fabulous and everything was amazing it really made you respect what you have.

Answer #2

Egypt. Blows you away.

Answer #3


Answer #4

Destin, Florida -

We went for 2 weeks, had a 6 bedroom beach house right on the beach. We did nothing but party, lay out, swim, and drink for 2 weeks straight. It was a blast.

Answer #5

OH to many to compare, they were all fun for different reasons

daytona, FL bike week Myrtle Beach, SC bike week Catskills, Ny skaneateles,Ny Ny,Ny Jamacia St. Lucia Canada Holden Beach, NC Lewis, Delaware Killington, Vermont Bigingtim, NY (spelling) Snow shoe, West Virginia

Any vacation is a good time for me.

Answer #6

um…Scotland. I’m British but I moved to Australia when I was 8 and have been here since. So it was like a holiday because I neverr remembered it [when I used 2 live there, I mean],

Answer #7

I’ve been to a lot of tropical places, but Punta Canta, Dominican Republic was my favorite. I went to the Iberostar Resort with my mom and we met LOTS of wonderful people. The workers there are very nice and get really involved with the guests. The dance club was open until 4 in the morning and we closed it down every night :) Another plus is that most of the people who traveled there were NOT from America and I really like that because I think it is far more interesting getting to know others from different places around the world. Plus, I got to use the skills I gained from 3 years of Spanish class.

Answer #8

I went to Europe for 3 weeks this Spring and visited 5 countries. It was great…we spend 3 nights in Amsterdam, 2 nights in Bruges, 5 nights in Paris, 5 nights in Barcelona, and 6 nights in Venice. We took the train from Amsterdam to Bruges and to Paris, then flew from Paris to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Venice. We rented apartments in Paris, Barcelona and Venice which was great because it’s cheaper than a hotel if you’re with a group and you get to live a little like a local.

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