Where is the best place to take a 3 week vacation?

Where is the best place to take a 3 week vacation? I can travel anywhere.

Answer #1

I would do Europe. With Ryan Air you can tour the UK and Western Europe for dirt cheap! The train system is great and you can literally go everywhere! Plus you’ve got 3 whole weeks!

Answer #2

My wife was in Ireland in June – She loved it. I’ve lived in Japan – Can be expensive, but the people are pleasant and the history is great. I’ve lived in Germany – People not as pleasant as Japan, but get to know them and you’ll find no better friends. History is great.

So, if it was me, I’d be heading to Australia, Africa, Russia, or Eastern Europe.

Answer #3

I went to Japan in 1990 and would cheerfully go back if I had the money. There is so much to see there, you could spend three months there and not see all the country.

Answer #4

Canada of course! ;)

Ok, but seriously, if I had 3 weeks for vacationing, I’d go to Ireland…what a rich, beautiful place. My second option would be Germany…then England…

Basically, anywhere in the UK or Europe (I’m not much of a ‘tropical resort’ kind of person).

Answer #5

China, I think. It is a country with many tourist sites. For example, the Great Wall and Summer Palace in Beijing, modern city Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and the mysterious Yunnan and Tibet. They will never let you down.

you can learn more about China on http://www.foreignercn.com/

Answer #6

Tropical places are the shizz .

Answer #7

I went to Europe for 3 weeks this Spring and visited 5 countries. It was great…we spend 3 nights in Amsterdam, 2 nights in Bruges, 5 nights in Paris, 5 nights in Barcelona, and 6 nights in Venice. We took the train from Amsterdam to Bruges and to Paris, then flew from Paris to Barcelona and from Barcelona to Venice. We rented apartments in Paris, Barcelona and Paris which was great because it’s cheaper than a hotel if you’re with a group and you get to live a little like a local.

Enjoy your vacation!

Answer #8

Thailand. From there you can visit all the islands, Vietnam, Burma, and so on.

Answer #9

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