I want to fight

How can I become a MMA fighter for some sport organization like UFC?

Answer #1

Join a free form club I fight for MMA in gold coast so find a gym or a instructor BUT remember 1 thing never stick 2 1 art form keep your skills and tech very liquid..

Answer #2

go to a gym and get some training from someone that knows what they are doing. try to find a kick boxing school and a wrestling school.

Answer #3

you look in shape if indeed thats your pic… remember guys who fight UFC don’t always have their teeth… but go ahead but what you can be…kick butt!

Answer #4

^^pplz above alredy said pretty much evrything I wud think of see ya on UFC! gd lukkk!! lol:)

Answer #5

Lift weights,get a punching bag, practice a lot. anybody can achieve anything Fo!

Answer #6

these people that commented are a bunch of retards. im 18 and I’ve been training in a legit MMA gym fer 2 years with Team No Ego. check out the website if you want its http://teamnoego.com/

alright now heres what you got to do if your serious about this. 

First ) off you need 2 hard extremely good work ethic if you dont then dont even start training it would b a waste of time. what the people above me said is common sense. of course you need a punching bag, you need to lift weights, and you need 2 b in amazing cardio shape (that will give you an edge if you already have it when you start). 

second ) find a legit gym that has fighters that are pro even if theyre not in the UFC they might b in Pride FC or something else but if they have fighters that are pro in anything that means they know how 2 train but their agents might just suck. Also when your looking 4 a gym try 2 find 1 with coaches not just 1 coach that "knows it all" you need coachs that are good at individual things. you might need 2 gyms 2 have that but its soo much better 2 have them at the same gym and that they know each other. 

third ) After a few months of hard training ask your coach to throw your name out 2 some people that you want to fight (try 2 find a coach that has connections its a lot easier then. like in my gym I could tell my coach I want to fight and then have 1 in less than a month) research local events and go 2 them. git a feel 4 what its like. I know around here in illinois we got Kaos in Kankakee (my coach and Mike Russow [1 of our pros heading 2 the UFC after 2 more fights in Pride FC run this event]), Adrenaline, XFO, burban street, and we just had the UFC with Anderson Silva in Chicago. your gunna have 2 start off at the bottom level ameatur fights and depending on how good you do is how fast you move up. I've seen people go 4-0 and go 2 the UFC 4 their next fight because they totally dominated their fight. 

thats all I got 4 you fer now. if you need any more advice just ask me and ill help you out. good luck

Answer #7

who an why if ya do den do what it do if ya aint got to reason den just don’t :)

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