Ufc 100

Please someone tell me you watched UFC:100.
it was the single most amazing event I ever seen. :)
Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir
Georges St Pierre vs Thiago Alves
Dan Henderson vs Michael Bisping (watch the TKO!!! worlds best KO)

it was Brillant. :)
anyone else see it? :)

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AWHHH what a fuc*ing slap man, I thought he broke his neck.. lol

ANSWER #2 of 4

Mate, you no I watched it lol.
I saw the Michael Bisping one...dad "got bord" of it lol
yeah.. defintly... BOOM. lol

ANSWER #3 of 4

im not 2 interested in GSP when silva got in2 rythm GSP just took him down, well he won I guess. lol
but brock will be unstoppable I think, and henderson BOOM.. lol

ANSWER #4 of 4

I saw the vids on youtube b 4 they took um off only brock vs mir and henderson vs bisping tho but damn bisping got smashed and brock is a beast he'z gonna b champ for a long time...GSP vs Silva would b a sick fight theyre starting to talk about or they might do a rematch silva vs henderson

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