does anyone else on here do MMA fighting?

Share any good stories or favorite submissions or anything MMA/ UFC.

Answer #1

yep I wish some of them did where cups, but its cool. if it really didnt happen, we all decided that we might think that he might have had a little problem, lol.

Answer #2

Not personally, but my good friends go to a weekly/biweekly class and also train for kumite`s that are held in our area. Sometimes I spar with them but only grappling, no stand up. Did you happen to see Frank Mir’s recent win?

Answer #3

ya dude this is the best Mir has looked since the accident. That knock out was also sweet since minitaro never gits kncked out. The best KO of the night had 2 b rampage’s. It was sick and I wanna c him fight rashad now.

Answer #4

hahahahaah thats great. We have 2 wear cups in my gym so that couldnt really happen there lol

Answer #5

I do mma. a good story hmm, I was practicing jiu jitsu at my studio and one of the boys wanted to grapple with me, so of course I said yes, hah, so I we went at it, ended up in guard position with me on top. and I went to get up and he pulled me down and told me not to get up, I kept asking why and he said just don’t get up. after fighting with him for a minute or two, I got up, he jumped up and ran out of the room. everyone started laughing and I realized what had happened. he poppped one! I felt so bad. haha, but we all laughed about it later in time. haha.

Answer #6

yeah that would suckk, reall bad, I get punched in the boob all the time! haha,

Answer #7

Yeah my good friend who is big into UFC, his heroes are Minatauro and Wanderlei, and they both got their asses handed to them that night. Rampage is going to make Rashad look silly. Mir didn’t look all that solid, but he fought amazingly. I thought him and Noguiera both looked out of shape in comparison to their former selves.

Answer #8

ya but Mir’s stand up was better than it ever was before and I thought he kept the fight at a pretty fast pace. With rampage he’s gunna have 2 win like 1 or 2 more fights before he gits another title shot. 2 tell the truth I’m a huge Forrest griffin fan but I like rampage 2 because he respects the guys he fights just like Forrest does. I can’t wait 4 someone 2 rock rashad.

hah ya I like 2 wear a cup because we kick box right after we roll lol and I wanna git kicked in the nuts with no protection

Answer #9

I’m only turning 15 in august but I’ve really gotten into MMA, I’ve watched all teh frank shamrock tutorials on youtube, tried them out, gotten myself into training and all of that… I did a few things on my mate… that was my favourite… I aint saying what I did but it was my favourite. and illeagal lol

Answer #10

I do mma im not signed up at a gym oor anything so I just train myself I know if were 2 actually fight in th octagon id get my @$$ handed 2 me but still id love 2 do it 4real im in wrestling so dats a start lol

Answer #11

if you train urself find and friend and just go on youtube and practive the submissions on there with them. itll help you git better. its good you got a wrestling back ground. I had nothing when I started lol

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