Answer #1

A 2002 Saturn…but I don’t drive it, lol

Answer #2

Give it to me? :)

Answer #3

Silly - my husband drives it…I don’t have a license because of my epilepsy.

Answer #4

:’( no car for me… tears

Answer #5

You’re too young, lol

Answer #6

I dont have a car but my mom has a 2004 Jeep Liberty and a 2004 toyato corrola. Daddy has a 2008 Range rover and a 1999 Ford chevy pick up truck

Answer #7

I am not a child! I am a young adult woman! You hurt my feelings…

Answer #8

Better update your profile, then Mig, lol….you’re in violation XP

Answer #9

Are you serious! >:O Well fine Colleen, I see how it is!! >_<”

Answer #10

…and you want a car…really…you’re prone to road rage with that temper! :P

Answer #11

I was planning on doing 90 on the freeway… Hm… You have a point… As usual lol

Answer #12

I do 90 on back roads and the interstate. Nothing’s wrong with that.

Answer #13

Kari…you’re 15…what are you doing even driving?

Answer #14

With my 22 year old cousin.

Answer #15

I have my learners license.

Answer #16

We love Jeeps…we have a Grand Cherokee and my little Cherokee…both plow thru deep snow without a hitch….perfect for up here in the mountains.

Answer #17

I love Jeeps too. My cousin Ross has a red Jeep Wrangler with big mud boggin’ tires on it.

Answer #18

I have none. I use my legs or local transport to get around the town :)

Answer #19

I enjoy walking. But it’s a little over 3 miles to get into town. Which isn’t bad but I don’t like walking around our small town.

Answer #20

It’s roughly a mile for me, I like to walk down town. I usually walk if I have time. :)

Answer #21

I walk around our feild which is between 3 and 4 miles around.

Answer #22

Cool :)

Answer #23

my feet

Answer #24

Hah you want have it long if you get caught. They’ll take em away from you, then you cant get ur license until your like 21.

Answer #25

A blue 2006 Kia Rio I only have 3 more months to pay on her!!!!

Answer #26

Back in January, our old Toyota was taken off the road because it was in a very poor condition. I went down to our local mechanic and, in front of his garage was a Volvo 240GL with my name on it. It ws in magnificent condition, money changed hands, and now I drive it. Everyone admires it! Back then–1989–a Volvo was a Volvo!

Answer #27

I know but one of my aunts works at the sheriffs office. But I already got stopped the first day I had them by Sheriff Moore! But he let me off with a “verbal warning”

Answer #28

i have a truck just like this pink one that i totally love [link removed]. i really want that paint job though. it’s cool.

Answer #29

i own a Honda civic. I feel happy to have it.

Answer #30

i drive a 93 ford mustang gt 5.0 && my hubby drives a 89 ford mustang 5.0 lx

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