Who has heard news about the Fukushima nuclear power plant?

Is it going to meltdown? The news (on bbc.com for example) say that there was an explosion in the reactor. Does anyone know details? Do we have someone from Japan here? What do the news in Japan say?

Answer #1

For all those who don’t know yet: The power plant has been damaged in the same earthquake that also caused the tsunami. Yesterday, they said they are trying to fix the cooling system. Now the news say there was an explosion. It’s scary.

Answer #2

. It seems likely that the explosion is chemical rather than nuclear, however, the damage may allow the escape of the radioactive fuuel into the environment. . Flash Video footage of the explosion and expert commentary at: http://funadvice.com/r/14u9219eren .

– Best wishes - Majkthise. .

Answer #3

AAAARGH! Looks like it just went ka-boom. -_-


The plant is located directly at the sea… http://funadvice.com/r/14u92bogh2b

And the Tsunami damaged the emergency power generators that powered the cooling system. Now the cooling system failed and meltdown started.

Dammit. It’s only about 200 km from Tokio. The area directly around the plant has high population density, too.

Answer #4

German news just said that Japanese officials stated meltown is in progress.

Answer #5

there was a minor explosion at the plant. Local authorities claim that there was a chemical leak, but act as if it would be nuclear one.

currently areas around Fukushima, including Tokyo, are cut off power, which may say that power plant is being under repair in order to avoid bigger explosion and massive leak of nuclear fuel.

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