whats canada and america like?

whats canada and america like? and which parts are best for a holiday with less crimee and stuff?

Answer #1

Canada is a really calm place.not much crime, really cold…america depends where you go like Florida or California it doesn’t rain..I think if you’re the kind of person that likes to party, roller coasters or simply the beach USA is better specially Florida is less expensive than California and it has more parks

Answer #2

America is good! Though a lot of crimes accure but that happens everywheree. There’s a lot to do in each and every states , Places like NY, Florida, Georgia, California. Are the most popular states. im from NY, harlem x] there are part of harlem that is bad but where I live its partly dominicans & it isn’t that bad :] but I LOVE NY! Thinking about traveling? I recommand you visit NY. You`ll love it too :]

Answer #3

Even some parts of Canada can be pretty scary places, but still nothing as near as what the States has - I feel it’s because of our smaller population.

The further north into Canada you go, the less crime seems to happen. Places like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, etc., are all big cities and have their fair share of crime, but they’re not scary places to be. For the most part, they’re relatively safe.

Answer #4

I say go to California there are a lot of fun things to do, like shopping and a lot of tourists places like hollywood, the beach, disneyland, universal studios, six flags, knotts berry farm and such. There is a lot of shopping places too. Las vegas is a great place for sight seeing but a lot of crime happens there. New york, chicago and big city states like that have a lot of fun things to see and do too! Good luck and have fun:)

Answer #5

im from london but I’ve heard that canada is much safer than the u.s. the crime statistics are very low in comparasion so I’ve heard. In one docu-film I watched - I think it was bowling for columbine, the director went around speaking to many canadians and they were saying that they don’t even lock their front doors, so he went around to random houses and everytime he attempted to open doors they were unlocked lol

hope that helped ;-)

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