Whats life like over in the United Kingdom??

Whats life like over in the UK??

I’m only 16, so I don’t think I’ll be going anytime soon… most of my family are in America , Hawaii, Here (Australia) and New Zealand so I don’t think I have any family there

I’m guessing I would have to get used to the weather …considering its a big change from sunny Australia

I’d love to live there though…I absolutely love their culture

Answer #1

well, I live in london and let me tell you, the weather, my gosh very unpredictable especially this year it starts sunny and boling hot then rains and turns windy I’ve been living here all my life, and still theres no way to predict the weather even the weather forecast isnt always right

now the people most of them are grumpy as hell and whats not to be grumpy about, the weather would make anyone grumpy so would the crime

the best thing about london is the diversity the cultures the languages the cuisines

I LOVE it and even though I may hate living here sometimes, I dont think I could live anywhere else.

Answer #2

It depends what part of the UK you go to.

I live in Skelmersdale Lancashire (North-West) and the weather here is very unpredictable. It actually hailstoned in summer lol. Yes, the weather will take some getting used to :)

What I love about the UK is all the different accents, a lot of people think people from the UK are all posh and talk proper - wrong indeed lol :P

The food here is amazing!

We have some of the greatest comedians ever! Lee Evans, Michael McIntyre, Frankie Boyle, Sean Lock , Lee Mack and so many more!

If you do come here you should visit Liverpool. It’s full of so much culture and it has some great shops and has an amazing musuem :) Or go to London and stand outside of Buckingham Palace where the Queen lives :D That’s something I still want to do! I’ve never been to London before but my dad tells me it’s a very busy place and you have to be up to walking around in the big crowds.

All in all the UK is an amazing place! I absolutely adore it! :)

Answer #3

Hmm it’s okay, there’s a lot of things that irritate me about this country, such as the ugly subhuman chavs and wannabe gangsters, and the dreadful urban black and wigger culture which seems to have infested the UK from London. Not to mention the gutter press and that everyone worships talentless celebrities. It’s alright as long as you’re around educated people. The best parts are definitely the landscapes and scenery, the countryside, it’s really pretty and green. I also love the weather, it gives this country a lovely brooding atmosphere :)

Answer #4

the weather is really unpredictable 1 min its really sunny the next its pouring down with rain. or the other way around. theres loads of accents + people of loads of different cultures like at my cousins school in lancaster there was like 10 different cultures in her school or something like that. theres loads of different accents. theres loads of places 2 go 2 .. like the others have said :] I think schools set up different here but that you could get used 2. umm yah the others 2 are right :]

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