How to train a kitten to stop biting?

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How old of a kitten? Like puppies, they play...and their baby teeth are exceptionately sharp...and they like to play rough. One thing if it's still tiny, just get up and walk away, or pull out a toy to distract....NEVER play the time it's 4 or 5 months old, the game gets very don't start a habit that might be hard to break.

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The kitten is a bit older than 6 weeks.

How do I stop my kitten from biting?

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Depending how old. Once it gets to about a year, start biting it back. Not too hard, but enough to let it know, "oh, this doesn't feel good", but you don't want to hurt it.
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Yeah, they like to chew on stuff. I usually say, ow, no and tap her on the nose. I mean tap not hit (it isnt enough to actually hurt, just get her teeth off). My cat now knows how hard she can bite and that ow means back off. And yeah, just dont engage after that and she'll learn that play time stops when she starts to bite.

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