How to train for an 8 km run as soon as possible?

My brother signed me up for an 8k run that’s going to be in exactly one month and i can barely run 4k!!!! I told him not to but he only laughed and sent my details. It’s a charity run so i don’t think he would let me not go because he’s paid for it (more like paid to watch me embarrass myself). I’m not too fond of running, and the last time i ran was last week at 2k for about 16 minutes..

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me, and suggest any workouts. I’m very busy with school, i barely get enough rest, so if the workouts can be around 20-30 minutes, that’ll be cool. should I do interval workouts? or should i force myself to run as far as possible? i just NEED to get past 8 kilometers. And i always get shin splints.

Please help me :-( thank you in advance!

Answer #1

Running will actually help you rest more effectively, if you exercise, you’ll sleep smoother, and feel more awake in the hours that you are, well, awake. All you can do, is practice, by which I mean train. Go running right now and run your absolute max distance (I’m guessing would be 3-4km). Work on that, don’t push yourself to run 8k before you are ready. The adrenaline on the day will be enough to push you 1-1.5km over your usual. Try running 3km every second day. Every other day, you could lift small weights and do something like yoga to give your body a physical rest, but keep your metabolism up and your energy up.

Once you have a schedule locked in, and you know your distance limit, try experimenting with energy drinks/bars to see if there is anything on the market that really boosts your energy and makes you run like 2km over your usual limit!

Best of luck, even if you don’t finish the 8k, or don’t finish in a marathon time, know that the charity still gets the help, and you have spent a month getting really fit! Maybe use this as a practice marathon, you could find another one in your area to do in, say, 3 months and be better prepared :)

Answer #2

thank you so much!! i ran 4.91km just now, it was b-r-u-t-a-l. but yeah, you have some really good advice. i’m definitely taking a day off tomorrow :-)

Answer #3

you should take it easy hun, i love running and can run as much as i want and not get tired. I think you should practice 5 or 6 days a week the night before you are going to practice eat something high in carbs, like pasta or something so that you’ll be stronger while and you’ll be able to run longer without any stomach pain. and start off first as 3km . then 4. then push yourself do 5.5 then 7 .. 8 .. once you can do 8 do like 8.5 or a bit more so that once you do the run 8k will seem like a little. i was in a 5k run but at practice i ran 8k and it was super easy because i got use to more. Anyways I hope you do good. good luck ! :)

Answer #4

oh and always be sure you streght and warm up :) !

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