Need to train for soccer

I want to find something to do.In my neighborhood,there are no people that are my age.I want to get into soccer to make new friends and have something to do after school and stuff,but I don’t know much about soccer(I was into it when I was little)and I can run pretty fast,but not for very long.I want to train myself to run faster and other things so I can do better and lose weight,but I’m not sure where to start.I would go out and run after school,but my brother and sister come home from school about half an hour after I do,and right now,it’s cold where I am.How do I train myself for soccer without missing my brother and sister after school?

Answer #1

you should do squats, they increase leg muscles, then lay on the floor (on your side) and like your top leg up and down, those should work your thighs, then go up and down on your tippy toes that should work your calves, I dont know anything about soccer but these should increase your leg strength. hope it helps!=)

Answer #2

well since its cold and you want to lose weight run with one of those sweat suits but make sure to have a bottle of water with you so you dont dehydrate

now well to improve footwork and speed try doing ladders…it’ll help and also if you can, try jogging with ankle weights…it helps trust me…see if you get use to the added weight and start sprinting with it on then you’ll be able to go faster for a lot longer…you’ll notice the difference when you take off the weight

but yea try the tip toe thing to work your calves and just practice dribbling the ball around…depending on the position you want to play and just watch some games once in a while…not just MLS see if you can watch teams from other countries

its really a learning sport and just have fun doing it

hope this helps you out shygirl00

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