What is some literature to cheer us up?

My husband has cancer. What is the best piece of literature (besides Gods’ Word) that you can think of to cheer us both up? I’m looking for inspiration to help get us through surgery, chemo therapy, and radiation treatments.

Answer #1

Sorry no hummor here kinda have a dry sence of humor I’d go on you tube funny things there. I had an Aunt that had cancer throughout her body and healed herself of the cancer. no kidding. no sign of cancer in her body at all. She said she would rather die than go through kemo. So she read 10 books on how to heal your self from cancer and did it! She has helped many who wanted the help also. All I know is that there was an herb involved called chaperale. Lots of carrots juice and green juices. She had to buy a good juicer. I think she had 3 big bags of carrots a day. A coffee enima every moring. I know thats grose but those are wonderful. The point is to purify your body. Clean it out! No white flour, no sugar, only sea salt. She would make her own bread. Maybe its worth studying on? It deos take a lot of disapline obviously. Its worth a try… Good Luck!

Answer #2

well my dad had cancer (it was testicular cancer ,I think, but it was in his abdomen, a tumor the size of a basketball) and he had the kind that when you have it, there is no cure, you die from it.. there is no surviving it, but all we did was let him do his thing he continued reading the bible and all sorts of christian books and watched his telly, and he was going through chemo therepy and stuff so he was sick all the time from his treatments, and with his chemo he didnt have a rest and recovery period he had chemo EVERY SINGLE DAY for about 6 hours a day.. well he went through months of chemo and as he went through it EVERY one told our family that he was gonna die.. he had 5% chance of surviving through the surgery and not dying there on the operating table.. well it will be 6 years this coming new years, and he is CANCER FREE!! completely CURED!! no, its not in remission there is NO cancer whatsoever in his ENTIRE BODY!! he is a LIVING MIRACLE, God was guiding the doctors hands during the surgery.. so if you pray hard and trust and believe in god, your husband will be a living miracle of God as well.. I will pray for the both of you to find the strength and courage to get through this, I know its a hard time for both of you.. GOOD LUCK!! GOD WILL HELP YOU THROUGH THIS!!

Answer #3

well I can’t think of any thing that I’ve read that will help you that I’ve read but I know how you feel I’m 13 and my father died from a hospital error but he was in the hospital because he had heart disease and got it from diabetes and his heart disease got worse because he wouldn’t quit smoking. also he had skin cancer. both my grandparents on my mothers side had cancer and died of it and 2 years ago my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer and is still alive today. I’m just going to tell you that you are in my prayers and I hope your husband gets better.

Answer #4

The only book that I can think of is the “chicken soup” series. There most likely is one that you can relate to. My grandma died a couple years ago because she had a tumor in her brain. One of the “chicken soup” books really helped because it gave me something to relate to. I really wish you two the best of luck.

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