How many times can you eat when you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant?

I only can eat twice and maybe a third time if i havent eaten anything during the day lol, when i go to this chinese restaurant buffet all you can eat for 7.99 lol. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.

Answer #1

Where I go, they have this really really REALLY nice bread and butter.. I go back about 7 times XD

Answer #2

For me once is enough and a desert, usually ice cream :-)

Answer #3

I go back like maybe twice, my dad & my brother go back a bunch of times and it embarrasses me. lol

Answer #4

Like 3 or 4 + dessert.

Answer #5

As many times as you want bottom line. They are counting on you geting full before starting to get into their pockets it’s just buisseness. But, you can’t just stay there all day and take a nap ect, because that is un-ethical and just not right. Always tip the waitress who brings you your drink, if you don’t then you are heartless and selfish. What kind of question is this anyway? It’s common sense to show common courtesy and should be human nature.

Answer #6

Oops sorry don’t get mad man I didn’t want to make anything mad about it. I know it was a silly question.

Answer #7

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Answer #8

It depends, when I go to a Mongolian BBQ I usually just go once and load up the plate. At a lot of other buffets I’ll go 6 or 7 times because I don’t get that much each trip.

Answer #9

Usually 2-4 times. Depends on how much I load up my plate and how hungry I am. If its someplace new I do a lot of small plates so I try different stuff. If I have been there a lot and know exactly what I want its more like 2 full plates and a bit of dessert.

Answer #10

Your ok, I aint mad. Was too tired to be on here last night and was cranky. Sorry if I took it out on you.

Answer #11

yeah I’m ok no problem.

Answer #12

My boyfriend ate nearly a whole cow worth of steak once. They told him he wasn’t allowed anymore because he was eating all of their supply for the next few days hahahahha

Answer #13

Ok my bad i’m sorry

Answer #14

LOL thats funny but at the same time its bullsh!t that they said that, cuz when u pay to get in a buffet your paying to eat as much as you want for that price thats why its called ALL YOU CAN EAT!!! not all we allow you to eat,i dont think thats right and if its a problem y dont they just cook more the next day instead of feeding people nasty leftovers, i feel like if your a paying customer you should be allowed to have watever u wanna pay for lol

Answer #15

Not really, I’ve known some enormous eaters that have been banned from all you can eat resturants. Case in point, one resturant that was offering all you can eat alaskan king crab legs. We made it an extended family event and half of us 5 out of 12 ate enough for the other 7 twice over. They didn’t throw us out or stop us…But they never offerred it again…LOL

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