What do you think killed thousands of fish and birds in Arkansas?

Answer #1

All the news reports that i have read on the story have said that after examining the birds they have concluded they were killed by a blunt force trauma and no diseases or illnesses were present. They also all have said what horrible weather there was in that area when it happened. Im going with what the news reports believe because nothing else makes sense to me. It seems to have been flock of birds who were beat to death by the weather conditions.

Answer #2

I can exclusively reveal that they were deliberately caused by the same CIA unit that was responsible for the infamous UFO Cattle Mutilations:


Answer #3

That is very weird, could it have been hail on the bird, and I have no clue for the fish.

Answer #4

So it was a UFO attack, that explains it.

Answer #5

Somebody or something is killing Pelicans in our town. http://funadvice.com/r/14p0rc1k8al

Answer #6

Yes CIA cover for testing of the “Millenium XI” Stealth Starcruiser.

Answer #7

Likewise our Fruit-bats and Anchovies.

Answer #8

I wish they would take out the hog here.

Answer #9

I have one of those, handles like a dream, and really help shorten them long commutes.

Answer #10

Yeah I found them to be pretty sweet ….. . ….. until you try to avoid a flock of seagulls or something like that.

You also need to watch out for a tendency to dive suddenly -especially over aquatic regions.

Answer #11

2012 its a signnnnnnnnnnnnn lol;)

Answer #12

i heard it was because of the fire works like giving them a heart attack

Answer #13

I am not going to go with the offical story, because it is weak. There are hail storms all the time, with little or no bird damage. This cannot be explained away with stoires of hail, or fireworks.

Answer #14

That is ignorant.

Answer #15

i think i spelled ignorant wrong, LOL. Here is why That is absurd. BECAUSE FIREWORKSS GO OFF EVERYDAY DOWN IN DISNEYWORLD WITH NO BIRD CASUALTIES!!! Come on people, lets not stick our heads in the sand on this one.

Answer #16

Let us not cave into the alphabet channels official conclusions on this one. This was not hail, or fireworks. That is a bunch of BS.

Answer #17

Goverment Conspiracy…testing new chemicals. I heard this from my brother-in-law that heard it from his boss that heard it from his girlfriend that got it from her boyfriend that works at Area 51

Answer #18


Answer #19

“ nothing to see here folks, now go on back to your matrix, i mean, go on back to your normal life” Everybody should just stop asking questions and go back to watching “American Idol”, or something dumb that they can wrap there sheeple mentalities around.

Answer #20

Hey Free, We have “inquiring minds”. We absolutely NEED to know, in case it is a conspiracy or UFO’s, and how to protect ourself

Answer #21

I have heard at least one person say that “fireworks” seems to be a logical explanation. . .Really? because then we would here about birds being killed by fireworks like very other day at disney world, or disneyland. Or everywhere in the country around the 4th of july. . .it is amazing that a species that has survived for this long would now become stupid enough to be killed off by hail, and fireworks! GAGH!!! Doesnt anyone see the absurdity?

Answer #22

Aliens. No Joke.

Answer #23

Breaking News: Taliban Warlords filmed training second wave battalion Airborne Kamikaze Jihad Force for further missions in Southern States:

Answer #24

Mother Nature

Answer #25

I live in AR and I saw just what happened. It was really blood and guts flying around from the fish AND the birds. Not only the CIA, but goverment special ops with 3 UFO’s tested their new toxin weapon. Whe I started shooting at the UFO’s, everything came to a stop. You don’t believe me? Just ask me.

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