Is my teacher being rude and unfair?

Does anyone else think this teacher is being insanely unfair and rude?! I have a civics teacher who is always being so rude to me! She glares at me in class and when I ask a question, she says, “What?!” in a super mean way! I am scared to talk in her class, yet sometimes I have questions my friends can’t answer but I am afraid to talk to her. Also, she thinks I tell her how to do her job. She once asked after a test for suggestions on how to get over-all better grades. I raised my hand and suggested we cover all of the material before the test and not just the most recent material. She yelled and embarrassed me in front of my entire class and sent me to the hall. Another time, she made a specific point to state that presentations on revolutionaries would be made first thing the next day. I came to class but forgot my outline for the presentation, so I asked if I could go get it. She asked me why I needed it then and I said because I thought we were doing it first thing. She answered by saying (still loudly in front of the whole class) it’s not the first time you’ve thought wrong, and once again, I know how to do my job so stop telling me what to do! Another time, I left a piece of paper in the room where the morning faculty meetings are held. I walked in quickly to grab it before the meeting started and noticed all of the faculty saw me. That day in class, my teacher once again said in front of my entire class, “Wow, I’m surprised you have decided to join the faculty since you are so keen to tell me how to do my job, yet you are always wrong!” First of all, I have proved her wrong many times!!! This makes me so mad and I don’t know how to deal with her for the rest of the year! What should I do? Does anyone else think she is being horribly rude and unfair?!

Answer #1

Yes, that is one of the worst cases I have ever heard of. Does she behave that way to other students in your class? Have you ever done anything to provoke her in any way? Britz

Answer #2

She is not rude at all to other students, and I don’t really do anything in class that might provoke her. I sit in the back row (usually entirely silent) and take notes like all of my friends. I always turn the work and things in on time, and usually recieve A’s (which I think makes her a little mad…) What should I do about this?

Answer #3

Maybe you should confront her, and ask her why she is doing this, but make sure this is away from your other classmates. This could just as easily solve it as earn you a detention, but it is worth a shot. This teacher cannot be unfair just based on the fact that she doesn’t like you. Britz.

Answer #4

I would talk to the school counselor

Answer #5

your teacher sounds like a b*tch. you need to confront her with or with out your friends and ask her about it (in a nice way). You may have to go to your principal. you also need to remember that she’s just another person, there’s no reason to be “humble” before her, just polite. But at the same time, you CAN’T take any crap from her. She’s no better than you

Answer #6

The answer is obviously yes. I might change my mind if your teacher ever signed up on FunAdvice to tell us her side of the story though.

Answer #7

I would but I am really scared of her and I wouldn’t have the nerve to do it alone!

Answer #8

I think she is very rude. I think you should get to school early some morning and just walk up to her and ask her what her problem is. Tell her in a nice way that you feel you haven’t done anything wrong but, that she seems to delight embarassing you in front of the class. And if you don’t get an answer from her, that is not putting you down, I would go to the princial & report her. In fact the more I think about it, I think you should go directly to the principal and talk to him and tell him what has been going on.

Answer #9

If your teacher’s attitude toward you is affecting your studies, or if it is really messing with you emotionally, I suggest you get a schedule change into a different class. If they tell you it is too late in the year to get a schedule change, have your parents come up to the school and request one for you. If your parents aren’t willing to do that, talk to your school counselor and explain things to her, or maybe talk to your principal.

Answer #10

Then try to do it with your close friends. If that doesn’t work you may have to do it alone. :(.

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