Who thinks hunting any animal is a sin unless you're deserted on an island?

Answer #1

Not me. It’s a dog eat dog world. In the animal kingdom animals eat other animals, it’s a fact. And fundamentally humans are animals. So I don’t think it’s a sin. Although I am not religious so I wouldn’t.. but I don’t think it should be a sin. It’d just down to a person’s morals as opposed to ‘sin’ really

Answer #2

Nope. I don’t believe in hunting for sport, but hunting for food is completely acceptable in my opinion.

Answer #3

if it was, then why do you see prechers hunting? :P

Answer #4

But people have food..you don’t just go off killing the environment with a gun..especially little deer babies.they watch and mother gets taken away DEAD.That is disgusting and should be illegal.

Answer #5

Umm because in my opinion preachers are seriously fake people..they ride around in their Mercedes and crap and pretend that everything they do is real.

Answer #6

But we have food.,

Answer #7

Yeah, it’s horrible and not completely necessary. But it’s nature for beings to kill others for survival. People like to eat deer, would you rather the babies were killed? It would be impossible to make it illegal as being a vegetarianism and veganism are the minorities here. A vote would only result in the legality being maintained. I don’t necessarily like the thought that animals die to feed me, but I agree with it. I don’t, however, agree with hunting as a sport. I believe it’s for psychotics as gaining satisfaction out killing an animal is disgusting.

Answer #8

the whole sin thing is ..mumbo jumbo to me..but i am against free hunting..out in the wild

Answer #9

I don’t believe hunting is a sin. I do not agree when hunting is a sport. why kill an animal for no reason. My family hunts. we hunt for food. This is the meat we eat. it’s much healthier and it’s a lot better then the way they kill the animals to be put into stores. This is how it used to be. To eat people killed animals. To make warm clothes, people killed. We didn’t have the stores to provide everything and when we did, the things provided to the stores were from people who hunted.

Unless you are a complete vegan then you eat animals all the time! Eggs are baby chickens, meat comes from cows, pigs, chickens, turkey… which are raised on steroid chemicals and not good for you and then slaughtered in the most horrible way.

But hunting just to kill is terrible. I do agree with that.

Answer #10

I agree with datguy and Emily Clarissa. I don’t really agree with the idea of hunting as a sport. Living in the south, I have quite a few friends that do it but I don’t talk about it with them because I don’t like hearing about it. Especially when they go “coon hunting” and shoot a raccoon and let their dogs attack them. It’s horrible. I, as a Christian, don’t believe people who hunt for food are sinning. Other Christians might disagree. It’s all a matter of opinion. Yes we have food in the store but people from a million years ago didn’t and they had to hunt for survival. Just like a lion will hunt and kill an elk to survive.

Answer #11

i don’t know italian babe. Maybe you came across some bad preachers in your life. But open your view! there are some that really love the Lord and are doing it because they want to help people. Our Pastor has taken pay cut after pay cut so that other church employees can get a raise. or has donated his car, time, money. He goes to goodwill and shops to save a penny so he can give back to God, he has gone to haiti to the orphanage we support. Not all preacher’s are the same! So I wouldn’t close your mind off to them all because a few were not right. ;)

Answer #12

not everyone wants to be a vegetarian though, or in my case can’t afford it.

Answer #13

It’s amazing how some societies are able to reconcile abusing animals for their food industry’s supply, and yet condemn hunting as cruel to animals. Actually, many hunters are more ecologically aware and have a better grasp of conservation issues than the average restaurant-burger-eating citizen. That’s certainly true here in Germany, where hunters are required to take exhaustive tests on the behavior, biology, and mating practices of their prey, as well as the habitats in which they live and the impact they have on the local environment. I’ve seen similar standards in many parts of the US for hunters there. This is one area where I tend to disagree with my liberal counterparts. Poaching and other forms of excessive hunting should be illegal. But hunting for food, or for sport, doesn’t necessarily have to be illegal, as long as its properly regulated and as long as hunters are educated.

Answer #14

No. I dont think it should be a sport - I dont understand how anyone could take pleasure in killing a living creature. But for food, then why not? We are designed to be omnivores, eating a combination of plants and meat. Its a fact of life. Animals eat other animals. No one condemns this behaviour in other animals. Not even in pet cats, where they certainly do get enough food without hunting, and are mostly doing it for their own entertainment.

Answer #15

Sometimes it is the other way around..the babies are killed and the mom just lays there so sad.

Answer #16

thats a family okay.

Answer #17

Okay, fair enough. But do you understand my point? You’re just clinging to one part of the problem. Problems aren’t needed, solutions are. If you want to ‘fix’ this then please, join a protest movement, start a petition, or just do something constructive rather than just disagree with people on the internet. Thanks :)

Answer #18

Sorry but i just thought more people were against it..I do understand where you are coming from like people had to do it long ago to get by and stuff but now..i believe if you don’t have to do it don’t..thats all..

Answer #19

Where precisely do you think food comes from? Steaks and chicken come from live animals you know? Although I am not a fan of hunting for sport. And I personally don’t think it should be allowed.

Answer #20

Some of us do have to! because we don’t want food made from chemicals that can harm youur body. what is better to eat? a cow or chicken raised on steroids?? or a deer or turkey raised on natural outdoors? what is better: milk from a cow that’s been processed and pastureized? Or milk from your cow/goat in the barn that you feed? Which is better: veggies from your own garden? or veggies from the store that probably was grown with weed killer around it or traveled many miles to get to that store. See us who hunt for food do it because we would rather do it ourselves and it’s cheaper and much healthier!

I do know that you should be one of those people that protest against slaughter houses. I have a friend who does. They are terrible places. Meat in the store should almost be boycotted due to the way they treat and kill those animals.

You started a good debate with your question! everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I know many of my friends would stand with you on this.

Answer #21

I’m vegetarian and don’t eat any animals. Hunting is terrible and should be banned full stop. There is no need for it in todays world. There are simply so many options out there for a full and healthy diet that is meat free. Years ago there wasn’t but now there is. I simply don’t agree with killing animals at all.

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