Do you think its right to kill animals?

curious most of you are going to say no but I really don’t care in my opinion I think all animals including humans should die if they can’t defend themselfs its just they way the world is

Answer #1

Hitler also thought he should decide when ‘humans should die’ - God gives us but so many days on this earth - a time to be born, a time to die - His decision, not any man’s - pretty arrogant to presume you know better than He.

Answer #2

Killing animals for consumption is appropriate. Killing animals for sport is not.

Killing humans for self-preservation is appropriate. Killing humans for sport is not.

Society has laws to protect you from someone bigger coming along and killing you just because they want to.

Mankind, because of his own pleasure, because of each animal’s relationship to other animals in the food chain, and because of man’s realization that there are medical benefits available from various species of plants and animals (including future benefits yet to be discovered) chooses to protect that which may not be able to protect itself.

Personally, I think you have a very negative and nearsighted view of the world.

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Answer #3

Honestly, I think it’s okay. I Hunt, I survive on it. Animal rights activists can shove it where the sun don’t shine. Everyone gives me this answer in return “So if you were eating one day and someone kill you for food” or something to that extent. My answer: Guess I had it coming.

People really need to pull their head out of the clouds and look at it. If you so believe in “Evolution” then we are animals too right? We have the right to hunt other animals for food. Example: wolfs thrive on smaller rodents. So, We are the wolf and the animals are the smaller rodents? Sounds kind of 3rd grader-ish. But… yeah.

If anyone questions my stand on Evolution or God, I choose to stand neutral. :)

So, to answer your question, Yep. I think it’s okay.

Answer #4

I think that endangered animals shouldn’t be killed but others should, not for no reason, but for food. Most people who say ‘no’ probably eat meat which obviously comes from killed animals, so their contradicting themselves.

Answer #5

No never but if they are sick and need to be put to sleep that is a different story but if you are talking about for fun thats abuse.

Answer #6


Hmmm… actually, now that I think about it… ‘’The 5th Element’’ is my favorite Bruce Willis movie.

But, ‘’Tears Of The Sun’’ is a close second.

Answer #7

“I think all animals including humans should die if they can’t defend themselfs”

If you’re going to pretend to make an intelligent argument, spell the words right And the world would be in chaos if your theory was to apply. Thankfully people who dont believe ethnic cleansings are alright are in power or the human race would have wiped itself out…

Answer #8

I really don’t care in my opinion I think all animals including humans should die if they can’t defend themselfs

Oh well…there goes all of our children.

Think before you speak.

Answer #9

no…I would never like to kill anmails. but if I get mad I will kill bees or ants or some kind of insect. because I hate insects! but I do like anmails so I don’t hurt them…

Answer #10

thats why there such things as parents they are supposed to protect there young and don’t as if theres no such thing as murder in the world people don’t kill each other because there are rules and maybe I did word that pretty wrong but atleast I got some people talking lol

Answer #11

I life everthing has to learn to protect itself and if a rabbit was smarter then I human then humans would be tested on its only the animals that are not smart that get killed and if they don’t have the brains to protect them selfs or anything else that does that can protect them then it has no chance of living

Answer #12

no, im going to definantly dissagree with you as EVERYTHING is at least once, unable to defend itself especially when first born so that would mean that EVERYTHING must die, when it cant defend itself and I dont agree with that everything is helpless at first then it grows, learnd, develops ect into something stronger but animals have nothing to do with humans they have there own defences, that protect them against other animals they only person who would just go out and kill animals would be very selfish as we have evolved into something stronger but so have animals there defences are for other animals not kill-hungry people they live in there own world, with there own defences and weaknesses just like we do because you yourself are also helpless against things

Answer #13

“thats why there are such things as parents”

and I go back to ethnic cleansing. I suppose you think it was fine for the Jews to be killed in Europe, the African population in Darfur, the Tutsis in Rwanda, and the ethnic minority in Kenya? Since the parents couldnt do anything about the populations in majority slaughtering everyone, I guess they all deserved to die…

Adding to that theory, since the population in minority was obviously “weak” well then I guess they all deserved to die?

People with your cognitive rationalizations scare me…

Answer #14

That’s why my favorite Bruce Willis movie is “Tears Of The Sun”

Answer #15

…I think all animals including humans should die if they can’t defend themselfs its just they way the world is…

…including humans? Okay, so if a human can’t defend him/herself, they SHOULD die? So… you want the word to consist only of boxers, fencers, martial artists, and CHL holders?

That would sort of put an end to the human race, since children can’t defend themselves either.

Answer #16

No never

…not even for food?

Answer #17

cant we kill them nicely?…

Answer #18


Answer #19

I lovee animals…but they need to be killed for food… it is sad…but pple need meat so survive unless your a vegetarian but yeahh and humans and animals need to die sometime anyways

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